Shadow Bug

Therefore, the first thing we have to emphasize is that according to what we play, we will have two completely different experiences. The


first thing we did was connect the controller and lean back in the chair to enjoy the experience, but in the end the best option was to get straight and pull mouse and keyboard.


We pull more mouse than keyboard, by the way, because with the keyboard we can only move sideways. The rest of the interaction is done with a kind of fly that we control with the mouse or the right stick, and that replaces the digital (finger) control of the mobi


le version. To jump, overcome obstacles, dodge enemies and, in short, do anything that is not walking, we have to take that fly over an enemy and press a button – that’s why we consider control with control to be more awkward.


The control systemIt is quick to move, attacking enemies, but the first thing that captivates is the artistic style. Okay, it’s nothing new, b


ut the combination of parallax between the traditional drawing backgrounds and the silhouettes of the scenarios and the characters works great and surprisingly still does not tire us. Perhaps thanks to the changes of very detailed scenarios and color palettes. We went from pastel tones to others much more saturated and impacting. The ver


y shapes of the silhouettes range from the simplicity of the protagonist to the complexity of some enemies with a much more elaborate aspect or some parts of the stage, full of nooks and very careful details. Another of the artistic points that we like is music, which with sounds and scales of oriental style tries to get us even more into that universe.


Seen and unseen

Shadow Bug consists of 36 levels separated by zones. In each zone there is a level dedicated to the final boss that proposes more spectacular routes and special mechanics to finish with the bosses. Shadow Bug, which is what the protagonist is called, is a powerfu

l ninja in charge of protecting the sacred forest in which he lives. Someone has installed a factory near the forest and the ninja has the mission to break through trunks, thorns, monsters and gears to end the toxic invasion.


Shadow Bug analysis

The clock runs, but in each level we have to meet three requirements if we want to complete it 100%.

A lot of reflection and a lot of mischief do a lot for the experience

In each level we find a more or less intricate route, with certain puzzle touches, and for whose completion at 100% it is necessary to complete, apart fr

om the level, a time requirement and collect a certain number of light balls. Besides, we can also collect some bigger balls that are more hidden in the scenarios. If you are obsessed with perfection and punctuation, I’m sure you’ll be punctuated easily.


Shadow Bug

Shadow Bug PC

Although the oriental touches are not particularly taken advantage of in the artistic and musical section of the game, it does not stop smiling that the protagonist is a ninja bug.

It’s a comfortable game, really. Since most of the actions are carried out through the floating fly, sometimes we find ourselves using only o


ne hand. When we choose an enemy to attack, Shadow Bug takes care of disappearing and appearing again next to the victim to cut it into pieces (without being explicit). In this way, as soon as we have an enemy on screen, it means that we can move there. This is both virtue, so we have already advanced, and disadvantage for the game, because in the case of the PC version, if you have a bigger screen the game will allow you to see more enemi


es than you should. At least it is the impression that has given us, because sometimes, although the road seems very marked, if we see only one pixel of an enemy in a corner and we touch it, we can skip important parts of the level without losing the opportunity to complete it at 100%


Also, in the PC version of Shadow Bug we miss more visual work, because you can see that the team has made a direct port. The game engine has the advantage of adapting to the resolution that we ask for automatically, and thank goodness,


because it is an option that can not be changed in the menu. Apart from that, a better adaptation of the controls to the controls would have come very well, because it is a game that, for the visual and sound, propitiates playing reclining and relaxed.