series about Hawkeye postponed indefinitely – review

Edition Murphy’s multiverse reports that the series about Hawkeye has been postponed indefinitely. Filming was planned to begin in July, but now Marvel studios removed the show from its production schedule for 2023.

Earlier, Marvel Studios scheduled the start of the filming of the Miss Marvel series for April, and also began selecting actors for the Moon Knight and Hulk Woman shows – both series plan to shoot before production begins Hawkeye.

In July last year, Marvel Studios announced the fourth phase of its film universe. Among other things, the company announced that the authors of the series about Hawkeye will also pay attention to the five-year-old hero in the role of Ronin between events “Infinity War” and “Final”.
In September of that year, the media reported that Hayley Steinfeld (Bumblebee) offered the main role in the series about Hawkeye. The role of Clint Barton will be performed by Jeremy Renner himself, and Steinfeld can play his successor – Kate Bishop – to whom he will pass the baton.