Serial Cleaner

The first iFun4All project to land on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC at the same time is Serial Cleaner, which already by the name suggests a game outside the schemes.

We are not talking about a cleaning simulator, but an action / stealth that is full of hands from the 70s culture: the baffles, the RayBan Aviator, the station wagon with the root inserts and the widespread popularity of the pulp genus. In many ways, this is also the best time for serial killers, who took America with continued carnage.

If, however, the figure of these professional assassins is deeply rooted in the minds of all black movie action or movie fans, it goes much deafening to those who are more complex, that is to clean everything without leaving any trace that the police can pursue. Here’s our serial cleaner, a cleansing professional who is hired to make bodies and blood spots disappear.

After Pulp Fiction’s Mr Wolf or Jhon Wick’s cleaners, after a quick hiring call, the wheels of Bob’s station wagon blow in the driveway of a quiet neighborhood of villages in the direction of the crime scene to be cleaned. Going to the end of the gameplay, once we have come to the scene of the misdeed we will have to collect a fixed number of bodies and objects that the police could use as evidence.

To do this, you must move with discretion so that you do not enter the visual cone of the cops, or let the latter hear our steps. If things go wrong and be discovered, there is always the possibility of hiding behind certain objects, until the men of justice will resume the classic rebellion.

With the advancement of the stages obviously the difficulty in collecting the covers and bringing them to the car (or depending on the situation makes them disappear in other stranger forms) becomes more and more tactful and quick. By pressing the left back key you can see the entire playing area and note the targets to be picked up, the guards with their visual cone and the objects behind which they hide.

In addition, continuing the levels will also have the ability to move containers, open doors or play bait. After learning the basic bodywork mechanics, the need to clean up the blood is also introduced: with right backbone pressure, Bobby, like his beloved mother likes to call it, will expose a polishing machine of other times that at the passage alone will eliminate the blood, otherwise it could also become an uncomfortable opponent, since it can slip on, thus extending the inertia in the movement of our character.

By combining all of these factors, what was at the beginning a slow-moving game that was about to go to Hitman’s mockery, has become something much more frantic, since Bob runs right and misses with dead bodies and in the case to be caught there is always the possibility of leaving the load on the ground to hide and then resume activity shortly thereafter.

The guards are attracted to the disappearance of a body or the find in another place, but take no action beyond a brief moment to control the surroundings; so doing the gameplay gets faster, than more tactical. Obviously, if the jerk of justice workers reach the cleaner’s head, all the progress that has been made in that particular stage will be lost and we will have to start over again.

For this reason, everything becomes more and more reasonably priced and less energized, lowering the pace of play by passing cadres.

In addition to each retry, which happens immediately without any loading, the position of some bodies and hiding points are scrambled, giving the player a slightly different challenge, just so as not to drop the title into the obsessive storage loop of which Hotline Miami is the cornerstone of gameplay. Outside of crime scenes, Bob spends days between a call and the other at home, where he can chat with his mom, listen to the radio, read the newspaper or watch TV.