Seasons after Fall

But Seasons After Fall is, fortunately, more than just a facade. After its beautiful natural landscapes drawn by hand we find a good adventure of puzzles and platforms starring a fox capable of changing at will the seasons of the year , thus achieving that magical world that surrounds him alter his appearance. It’s not just a matter of aesthetics.


A pond prevents you from passing? Let the cold winter freeze its surface and problem solved! Or welcome the autumn, watch the mushrooms grow, and they alone will guide you to otherwise inaccessible areas. What do we do with the summer?


Allow your warm light to make some plants bloom; or that spring and its torrential rains completely flood the stage to access higher place


s. In a fluid, very natural way, in Seasons After Fall you will change the climate constantly looking to solve some puzzles that are not especially complex, but ingenious and imaginative. Everything is born from experimentation . To try and observe the changes that each new season brings. And the feeling is most rewarding.



Protector of nature

Discover how the strength of the autumn wind lifts the branches of the trees or how, with some water, life can sprout from the earth are just some of those special moments in which this work of Swing Swing Submarine demonstrates its quality. Does it hit? That even taking advantage of this special skill rarely deepens in it. Sometimes the answer to puzzles is as simple as changing seasons and that’s it; There is not much to think or great challenges to overcome. That same simplicity is transferred to the plataformeo sections .


Seasons after Fall analysis

The change of season is a magical moment in Seasons After Fall. Seeing how everything changes around you in a fluid way is incredibly beautiful.

You will jump from here to there from beginning to end, but more as a resource to explore the scenario than as a challenge proper. It’s a shame. There is a lot of untapped potential in this adventure. You have incredible power in your hands … and in a few occasions you can demonstrate it with actions that match the circumstances. In addition, a greater variety of puzzles is missing, no matter how much the video game adds new challenges progressively. It is true that things get complicated little by little, that even the scenarios abandon the linearity and open themselves to free exploration with certain nuances, but in the end, except for honorable exceptions, the style of the challenges is always the same.


Seasons after Fall PC

The story he tells is a tender story in favor of life and respect for the environment

You find an obstacle, change the climate at your whim and keep going. There is little else to do in this adventure that does not end in the pl

ot. The story he tells is a tender story in favor of life and respect for the environment and as such, it has its charm, but it does not get that pinch in the heart that you expect from a videogame with this aesthetic and background. It lacks strength, somethi
ng more spark in the narrative and, above all, a better outcome. It does not leave us satisfied, and it is a bitter feeling. You like it, but not as much as you would like, since you also know that the game was for something else. It happens with the puzzles, with the plataform, with the exploration … and it happens with its argument.


All this sounds too pessimistic and if so it is, because we see the potential of Seasons After Fall and we are sorry that it has not been taken advantage of. The video game is fun, rewarding in many aspects, but it is far from reaching its maximum splendor. Pot


ential does not lack, nor good ideas, but a better execution. In a way we do not care that it is an easy adventure to complete, or the absence of enemies or challenges that put at risk the life of our protagonist; we do not like both the lack of variety in its action


and the simplicity of many of its puzzles. Even more so when we are faced with an adventure as beautiful as this one. Needless to say, the images speak for themselves.


Seasons after Fall

There are four guardians with whom to meet in this adventure that preaches a beautiful message in favor of respect for nature and animal life.

The Swing Swing Submarine video game has also surprised us with the quality of its soundtrack . It does not have as much prominence as we would have liked but when it sounds … the music is felt. Also with great success. The string quartet that has bee


n wagered manages to evoke the four seasons of the year with a varied repertoire of melodies that would raise any mood. Especially with those background images. Another point to note is that the video game has been translated into Spanish , although the voices are preserved in English.