Sea of Thieves PC Review

Pirate setting is ideal for video games – especially if you add a pinch of fantasy to it.

Boundless seas, melting in their depths of unknown and eerie creatures. Lost islands and archipelagos, where the natives worship their dark and forgotten gods.

Desperate thugs, whose names are even experienced visitors port taverns uttered in a whisper. Incredible treasures, hundreds of years waiting for the bravest lucky ones.

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Sea battles, in which, under the cannon of guns, majestic sailing ships go to the bottom.

From all this, you can make an outstanding game, in which you can easily get lost for hundreds of hours.

Alas, Sea of ​​Thieves is not one of them.

In the Sea of ​​Thieves pc you want to fall in love at first sight – the first hours here are the strongest.

The game looks great without any discounts on cartoonishness: the artists and animators Rare have done a great job.

Creating an insanely beautiful and charming world. Bright, juicy colors, wonderful lighting.

Tastefully made model NPCs and pirates – the image of Sea of ​​Thieves pc will be permanently imprinted in your memory.

But most of all you will remember the amazing, outstanding beauty of the sea.

The sea, which has character and burrows.

You literally feel his mood when you go sailing: the serenity of calm, the languor of the night, the alarm and the anger of storms.

In local sunsets, you can hold virtual weddings – well, or dates at worst. Perhaps all this sounds too poetic – but sea walks in the Sea of ​​Thieves pc can actually cause exaltation.

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It amplifies thanks to a wonderful sound accompaniment: the waves plausibly rustle, rumbling and beat on the side, the mast creaks softly.

The seagulls scream in the sky, and a lightly sticky motive plays unobtrusively.

Music in the Sea of ​​Thieves is a little criminal – but the one that is, fits into the game perfectly.

The moment when this entire air castle starts to crumble, and you understand how Sea of ​​Thieves is actually arranged, is comparable with treachery. Well, such a soulful game can not so quickly slide into mediocrity.

The thing is that Sea of ​​Thieves pc is a cooperative session, in other words, a game-service.

The idea is really brilliant: what can be more fun than with a party of faithful friends together to hunt for treasure, to furrow the seas, drinking rum, and robbing ships?

And with something from what the imagination draws you.

Sea of ​​Thieves pc is quite successful.

You feel like a part of a car that lives only through the efforts of all its cogs.

Sometimes the creeps on the skin can cause sea fights: when you shoot with one hand, and the other patches holes in the bottom of your ship, the degree of epic scale is high.


And no one, quite possibly even the developers themselves.


The content in this game is so small that it’s time to put it in the red book.

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Before the release of the game, developers said that “fun” and “spirit of adventure” – this in themselves self-sufficient goals that can keep the player.

Like, is it bad if the game is just fun to play? No, of course. Bad, if the game fun to play just two hours.

If you skip the mechanics of navigation and sea battles, the Sea of ​​Thieves pc  has exactly three kinds of activities: find a treasure on the island.

Kill a pack of skeletons on the island, catch the animal and shove it into the cage (also, ha-ha, on the island).

That’s what the whole game is for you to do. I am not kidding.


For example, if you used to search for a hidden treasure by a cross on the map.

Now you need to find an important place on the island by a verbal prompt and count from it ten steps on the compass. Well, get a shovel!

But this is a good option for subscription – as an appendage to others.

Much more exciting games from the Xbox Game Pass.

In Sea of ​​Thieves pc it is pleasant to spend time – it’s a very beautiful and nenapryagayuschaya game in which a couple of times a week it’s fun to sit an hour or two with friends.

But the probability is high that by that time it will already sink.