How does Gears of War 4 run on PC?

However, we were still very cautious, basically we were trying the game on a computer equipped with the latest discoveries regarding graphics acceleration and processors, not to mention the RAM, in short, a beast of at least 2000 euros. Furthermore, the test took place using a curved 4K screen, which undoubtedly further influenced the visual quality of the game. Now that we could finally play on our personal PC, which is certainly performing but does not cost like a scooter: so let’s see in more detail how the PC version of Gears of War 4 runs.


However, before starting, we must point out that even this time, as with Forza Horizon 3 , downloading the game turned out to be quite a complicated undertaking.The title does not appear in fact among our games of the Xbox One app, as it should be, you have to go to the Store, find it among the games for Windows 10 and then start downloading it.


Moreover, it was not clear why the size of the game was initially almost 70 GB, but then, after a couple of days, go down to 40 GB and start from scratch. After this ordeal we finally got our hands on the product of The Coalition. For all the more strictly ludic information we invite you to read our original review published a couple of days ago.

Gears of War on PC is a spectacle for the eyes and an advance of Project Scorpio


The first difference that catches the eye between the Xbox One and PC is that in the latter there is an internal benchmark that allows you to quickly understand what is the ideal configuration for the game and act accordingly.


Yes, because the configuration options for the game are so many and it is practically impossible not to find the one that suits your machine. Beyond the preset configurations, which range from “Low” to “Ultra” it is possible to set: resolution scaling, FOV, brightness, Vsync activation, lens flare quality, bloom, shadows, ambient occlusion, light , the textures of each character, surface or monster, the texture filter, the Anti Aliasing, the refractions, the particle effects, the motion blur, the level of detail of the

Appetizer of scorpions
Appetizer of scorpions

Nvidia has published for the occasion a long guide to optimization that analyzes in detail how much each change affects the frame rate. Summing it up, the options that will more closely match the frame rate are the resolution scaling, the depth of field, the Screen Space Reflection and the quality of the shadows.


The configuration with which we tried the game included a GeForce 980M, 16 GB of RAM and an i7 processor. 


With the High configuration and a resolution of 1080 the benchmark gave us an average of 70 frames per second, while playing in the hand we arrived at about 65 in the most crowded situations. By setting everything to Ultra, the benchmark recorded just over 60 frames, which became slightly shorter in hot moments. By bringing the resolution to the maximum and trying to push towards 4K (although not having a suitable monitor) the frames fall between 40 and 30.

Gears of war 4 release date

All in all we can consider it a very acceptable result, since usually the gears of war 4 pc  of many games do not enjoy absolutely of the same optimization, indeed, they tend to work even with high-end configurations. In this case, however, everything went smoothly like the oil, thanks to the fact after each change the options system clearly explains how your choice will load the system of further work. Everything is ok also on the front of the Play Anywhere.


We started a campaign on gears of war 4 xbox one and we finished it on gear of war 4 pc, playing in cooperative between the two systems without any problem, and the same goes for the Horde. As for the control system, even if gears of war 4 game is designed to use a pad, which of course is recommended, you can also think about playing with mouse and keyboard, for sure the monsters will wonder why your aim is improved so much.