Screenwriter for Rogue One: Star Wars Stories doesn’t mind writing a story for an animated movie by Star Fox

Last week lead artist God of war from studio Sony Santa Monica Rough Grassetti portrayed in his “realistic“the style of various Nintendo characters, including Star Fox, and on the eve he completed work on a large joint art featuring the heroes of the famous franchise. In the image you can see Fox, Falko, Peppy and Sippy from the Star Fox team, as well as the menacing look of the Star Wolf team leader and Fox McCloud’s personal enemy – Wolf O’Donella. It was them that the scriptwriter of paintings saw on Twitter Rogue One: Star Wars. Stories” and The Book of Eli Gary whittwho expressed interest in creating a film based on this artwork.

Having quoted the art presented above, he wrote the following:

“I want to write a script for this animated film.”

Grassetti replied with an animated picture with John Belushi from the film “Menagerie” with the inscription:

“Let’s do it!!!”.

It is likely that all these words were written for fun. But just imagine the characters depicted in the art and the story written by the scriptwriter as part of an epic animated cosmo opera.

The latest release in the Star Fox line at the moment is Star fox 2 for SNES Classic. The project was originally planned to be released in 1995, but with the development of 3D technology and the upcoming launch of the Nintendo 64 system, the Japanese platform holder canceled the already completed game just before the release. After 22 years, already in September 2017, the game was still released complete with a game console Super NES Classic Edition.

Earlier Rough Grassetti already submitted my work on Cuphead, Mario & luigi and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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