Scientists have discovered an easy way to extend life by five times

Researchers in the course of the experiments were able to find a simple way to extend life five times at once. Scientists described in detail how they managed to achieve this.

A group of scientists conducted several simple experiments on the genetic change of nematodes, thanks to which they managed to achieve an increase in life by as much as 500 percent. According to, the researchers changed the signaling pathways of insulin, which allowed them to achieve an increase in life expectancy by 100 percent. After that, they affected the targets of rapamycin (TOR), which led to another 30 percent increase. Later they found out that a genetic change in both paths at once helps to achieve an even more impressive result. It turned out to be 4-5 times larger than the sum of the individual effects.

Molecular biologist Jarod Rollins of the Biology Laboratory (MDI) in Maine said the following: “The synergistic expansion turned out to be really wild. It turned out that one plus one is not equal to two, and one plus one is equal to five. ” Thus, scientists were able to prove that human aging is not a simple result of an individual gene or pathway acting independently, but rather the fusion of networks working together in the long term. According to scientists, this explains why there has still not been found a single gene or cell pathway that could provide a longer life, both for humans and for other living organisms, animals, etc.

According to, the research was conducted on worms nematodes Caenorhabditis elegans. However, scientists note that the data obtained will help to more fully understand the aging process of people, and in the future to influence it as well as during the experiments.