Samurai Warriors Spirit of Sanada

The adventure is set in full Sengoku era (which I like quite personally) and, as with many of the productions of this same Omega Force style, his narrative combines real historical facts with enough licenses and ingredients of pure fiction.


The story begins in the year 1561. A battle between Shingen Takeda of Kai and Kenshin Uesugi of Echigo takes place in Kawanakajima, a contest in which one of the protagonists of the title, Masayuki Sanada, can be seen .


 Precisely and as the name of the game indicates, this clan is the main protagonist of this history of historical-fantastic dyes, and as we pr


ogress in action it is possible to significantly increase the number of available samurai warriors. This narrative is well topped by a multitude of video sequences and is followed with enough interest to little attention to your context, of course.


However this is not the most important of this title, since as good Musou, the most important part is the one that has to do with battles , which are as frequent as epic.


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As you may suspect, Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada is a title that invites us to participate in countless battles against hundreds of rivals. In fact, it is possible to make combos of hundreds of blows and kill more than a thousand opponents in each

confrontation. To finish with so much undesirable we can make a good assortment of normal attacks, combos and use special blows, resulting in quite spectacular matches within what fits.


Samurai Warriors Spirit of Sanada analysis

In each one of the levels we can carry out various tasks, some main and others secondary.

As we advance, it is possible to acquire different weapons of the time, each with its own qualities … arsenal that we can also promote in differe


nt fields. Factors such as its ability to attack, reach and others can be improved thanks to the work of the blacksmith on duty, who in exchange for a few coins offers its services.


In fact this element more typical of RPG than pure action games is one of many that have been integrated into this edition of Samurai Warrio


rs. Omega Force has tried to offer more diversity than usual to the invariable game mechanics typical of this type of productions, intention that from here I applaud because it has also given very good results.


Samurai Warriors Spirit of Sanada PC

We are facing a Musou, so the battles are as frequent as they are epic

Between combat and combat it is possible to visit both our main headquarters, the Sanada castle , and other villages. And these locations are full of characters with whom it is possible to dialogue (in Japanese with English subtitles ) and int

eract, which also occasionally provide us with important information and allow us to undertake new missions. On the other hand, when
we leave some of these areas that it is possible to travel with tranquility we will stop at a world map that, as if it were a role play, indicates the locations to which we can go. In short, details that bring something more grace to the game in global.


Samurai Warriors Spirit of Sanada

Samurai Warriors Spirit of Sanada PC

Special attacks are quite devastating … and also quite striking.

But there is more. This adventurous side is also joined by the already traditional strategic aspect. Before each battle it is possible to visualize the details and details of it, which is always quite useful. But it is also possible to equip ourselves convenien


tly with medicines and other objects, as well as to use the so-called Stratagems . By performing certain actions it is possible to fill a meter that appears in the lower part of the screen, which is related to the Six Coins of Sanada. Each time we


fill one of them we win the right to activate some of these Stratagems, which come to be aids of various kinds (ask for reinforcements quickly, reduce the health of one of our adversaries, etc.) that can suppose a fundamental advantage in full battle.


For all this I insist that Omega Force has tried to offer more than battles and little else in this new work of clear taste Musou , a fact that can attract a wider audience than usually usually enjoy this kind of titles. However, I have missed the inclusion of


a cooperative mode to doubles, either local or online, an option that tends to receive the highest praise from many of the users who enjoy this type of adventure.