Samsung showed a keyboard that no one sees

Company Samsung showed on video her latest device, which is an invisible keyboard that works thanks to the front camera of a mobile device.

During CES 2023, Samsung showed an invisible keyboard called SelfieType, developed by C-Lab. According to, the new device can work using front-facing cameras built into most mobile devices, smartphones and tablets. It is worth noting that the invisible keyboard is not a new concept. However, Samsung’s development compares favorably with its competitors in that it does not need third-party devices, but only a mobile device’s camera.

The video presented by Samsung shows how users can simply back up their mobile device, after which you can start to press on any flat surface, imitating the use of a conventional keyboard. The device reacts by analyzing the movements of the hands and generates the corresponding text in any text editor or application that is currently open on the screen. Despite the impressive demonstration, it is not yet known how the device will work in real conditions. For example, typing too fast may possibly create problems for cameras that do not have time to accurately track hand movements.

According to, it is still unknown when exactly the release of the invisible keyboard from Samsung will take place.