Samorost 3

Almost unconsciously Samorost 3 takes you to experiment with the stage as a child would. You touch, stretch, shake practically everything you see on the screen looking for clues that allow you to move forward, of course, but above all to satisfy your cur


iosity . You need to know what happens if you “splash” in a pond, or what is behind a bush, or what happens if yo


u hit some peculiar shaped rocks. Sometimes the answer is as simple as “nothing”. It moves, or emits a noise and that’s it; but in other cases the cu


riosity is rewarded with some of the most captivating and beautiful moments imaginable … not only talking about this particular work, but of any of the video games that appeared in recent years.


It is precious to an extreme level; which should also surprise no one seeing who comes from: the creators of Machinarium and Botanicula , which once again give life to one of those graphic adventures that leave a mark on the heart.



The music that stirs the soul

A magical flute falling from the skies is the perfect excuse for the peculiar space gnome that stars in this series of adventures to embark on a new journey to the stars that we already anticipate will be hard to forget. More for the artistic than for the n

arrative, yes, because the story that is told is neither very original nor as emotive as that lived in other works of Amanite Design . It has sparkle, charm; and even with his narrative without words he is able to excite you at specific moments of the game, but he lacks that something that in the past gave us a “pinch” in the heart.


Samorost 3 analysis

Once again Amanite Design surprises us with one of the most beautiful video games we remember. Some prints of Samorost 3 are worthy of a museum.

You will follow with interest the adventures of the protagonist, but not so much for the eagerness to solve the story that counts but rather fo


r continuing to explore more and more planets. They are so beautiful, so unique and different from each other, that it is easy to be amazed admiring the beauty of these places. We already said it before. We could dedicat


e entire pages to talk about the graphics , to highlight the simpa design of the aliens we will encounter, or the architecture of those world


s lost at the hand of God. We would be wasting time. It is easier to take a look at the images that accompany this text and then tell us. What do you think? They are a pass, right? Well, there is much to explore and great surprises to discover.


Samorost 3 PC

It is precious to an extreme level; which should not surprise anyone seeing who comes from: the creators of Machinarium and Botanicula

The process, we already pointed it back, is the usual in the Amanite Design games. You play, strips and shakes. There is not much more to do when interacting with the environment, although Samorost 3 itself is somewhat more compl

ex than its predecessors to incorporate some elements typical of traditional graphic adventures such as inventory , where we accumulate a few objects – very few true- that we will later combine with other elements of the environment. Pity that the addition does not happen to be a good idea poorly executed. We explain ourselves


Samorost 3

This is one of the most original and ingenious puzzles of the adventure. Too bad there are not as many as we would have liked because it’s just great.

There is a moment in the adventure in which you manage to grow a large pumpkin that jumps out at sight will be useful later on. You do not know why, but your instinct tells you that you are going to need it. So you try to catch her by all means … an


d you can not. You try it again and again and there it goes, perched on the orchard. Minutes later, when you advance in the game, someone asks you for that same pumpkin and you see, it’s your turn to retrace your steps, take what you already knew wou


ld have some use in the future, and deliver the message. An example that is repeated several times, unnecessarily slowing the pace of the game. Not only that.


Samorost 3 PC

In aspects such as the narrative and the design of his puzzles, he has stayed a step below the standout

Sometimes it is not at all clear how you should interact with some objects or how many times you have to do it. That is another. You try it once,

nothing happens, and the logical thing is to give up. But not in Samorost 3, which sometimes requires you to force the machine; that you repeat the process until what happens is supposed to happen. And it’s a shame. As much as this kind of problems is limi
ted to the many optional puzzles that we will find along our journey, it is something that detracts from the work. A game that on the other hand presents some ingenious and original puzzles, that we can only applaud the Amanite Design team.


Samorost 3

Returning to the originsIt was Samorost the first video game in which Amanite Design worked in 2003, and already at that time they made it clear that theirs is to create graphic adventures of an unusual beauty. And that we talk about an adventure


for web browsers that lasts just 15 minutes. Do not you know her? You can enjoy it for free here. Two years later, with some more experience, they created Samorost 2. This time it was already a paid videogame, and of course longer and much more beautiful.

Here the protagonist is the magic flute , which has two distinct uses: listening to distant sounds and playing music. In most cases, two actions that are closely related. First you listen, and then you reproduce the melody automatically so that the worl


d around you reacts to it. Usually giving you clues to overcome traditional puzzles in which music and sound, of course, are part of your being. How good are they? Suffice to say that we have been left wanting more, many more, because with a greater number of tests more elaborated the general feelings with Samorost 3 would have improved substantially.


It is a great graphic adventure, incredibly good if we talk about its audiovisual section, that music is also worthy of praise; but in aspects


such as the narrative and the design of his puzzles, the new Amanite Design has remained a step below the standout. The trip is wort


h it, because Samorost 3 is full of great moments that are not easily forgotten. There are also a handful of extras and secrets that will only be accessed by the most curious players, who will be rewarded with wonderful pictures that are worth raffling the few problems that this video game presents.