Sail Forth procedural simulator has a publisher –

Independent developer David Evans, a bicycle co-op Bicyclism EP and pixel stealth platformer It Belongs in an Ancient Ruin, announcedthat his new project has a publisher. it Quantum Astrophysicists Guildfamous for games The bridge and Tumblestone.

Sail Forth is a sailing ship journey through a vast procedurally generated world. We begin, as usual, with a modest little boat. But as new meetings and random events take place, our crew gets the opportunity to improve their conditions.

The peculiarity of Sail Forth is that we will not be required to hand over our ship as soon as a better ship appears. An old boat can be attached to the squadron and transferred to it again at any time – for example, while repairs are underway.

Players will have access to a number of opportunities to improve and decorate their ship: sails, flags, coloring. And the developers are working to make the physics of the sailboat look realistic.

Sail Forth will be released in early 2023 on RS, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. [/ embed]