Saban’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

“Go GO Power Rangers!”
The narrative premises are the historical ones of the original TV series and, during the game, we will go through the same adventures well or badly. Six teenagers are called by Zordon to become heroes and stop the invasion of Lord Zedd who wants to destroy the planet.
We will be able to choose which rangers to impersonate, with the green that will only become available to adventure forwarded. The maximum number of players for the local co-operative is 4, with the problem that does not arise for the online one, as it is not present. It’s a shame because if we were to face the game alone, we could not have any kind of running with us during the run.
Returning to the story, we certainly did not expect a masterpiece to see what we were used to in the past, but structural problems that unfortunately have been difficult to understand. If we told you that all the cutscenes are still images with a light transition background and there are subtitles that can not be accelerated by the press of any key, but if pressed for a long ti
me brings us directly to the end of the dialogue, obviously not dubbed? In short, you understand.
But let’s keep the fiction, on which we did not count on more than that, and concentrate on the core of the game or gameplay. As with any scrolling brawler, we will have different types of moves with as many bars as possible to adjust their different execution against enemies, and add three different shapes that will change our attack mode: normal shape, power rangers an
d super power rangers. The first one is only the time to recharge the energy bar and put the tundish, while the last one will consume the same and at the end we will return to the intermediate form. In the two enhanced shapes, we will have access to all available arsenal of available moves: martial arts, weapon power ranger and gun, as well as all the possibilities of movement that, in addition to rolling / dodging, count the double jump, the dash and the parad
e. An interesting variety however, which does not match in combinations that are particularly articulated to run and runs into one of the biggest issues of the title, the hitbox. Until the end, there is no point in attacking the enemies in order to be able to give them damages, especially against the more cumbersome ones that often find themselves in situations of momentary invulner
ability during the execution of the attack pattern.
The smaller ones and salteries instead make the screen jump by finishing with the impact even when the difference in depth levels is such as to simultaneously empty each shot of ours. There are also special moves, but they can only be unlocked in cooperative mode, as they
are executable provided there are two or more players on screen.
Many of the values, such as vitality and energy, can be improved during the game by spending the skill points gained by leveling up; In this way you ca
n also purchase additional moves or variations of those already learned.
Aside from the improvements to the statistics, however, the skill branch, suffering up to the problems mentioned above, did not particularly interest us, if not once in excess of points to invest.
Saban's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Still GO GO Power Rangers
Unfortunately, when we arrived at boss battles, we did not see great improvements, indeed. Let’s state that they are all the same and the diagram below is vali
d regardless of what you have to deal with. After a first step against the enemy, on foot, he steps up to Megazord’s first transformation and the gaming dynamics change to those of a straightforward shooter. The goal becomes to hit the targets scored and the laser of the en
emy, really trivial but still more dynamic QTE activities that characterize the last clash of the clash. A set of keys that, if they were crushed all or almost in a given time, would signal the shot, which we would otherwise have suffered; and so until the end of the life bar of our opponent or ours.Power Rangers “at the end of the fight, which revived demoralized souls from what had happened just before.
After the game lasted about 3 hours, we will have access to extra modes, some that can be completed in just under five minutes, and can not in any way increase the longevity of the title.
We’ve played Power Rangers on PS4 PRO, and even though there may be some difference between the versions, we have to admit that there have been frequent, but unjustifiable, framerate drops, resulting from the lack of game engine optimization.
The screen image, though colorful and enjoyable with more than good sprites and animations, should not have had problems even if it had been shown on PS2. It was a pity then that the price was not suited to the offer, but instead was thought to be a table in the marketing campaign, going around 15 euros.