Rust made more money in six years than Garry’s Mod – in fifteen – review

British studio Facepunch published 2019 results. And they contain interesting facts about the two largest and most famous projects of the studio – Rust and Garry’s Mod.

The post-apocalyptic survivor Rust, which appeared in 2013, exceeded the circulation of 9 million copies. It is most popular in the USA, Russia, China, Argentina and the UK – in that order. In July, the game set a new record: almost 94 thousand players online.

Rust recently released a paid add-on Instruments, and it was bought by almost 43 thousand players. Developers are thinking about expanding the available set of tools. In 2023, the studio also intends to release a version Rust console.

In all, Rust managed to earn more than 142 million dollars in its “life”, including income from sales of souvenirs and DLC. Another two million players keep the game on their wish lists.

In the past year, the physical sandbox Garry’s Mod celebrated its fifteenth anniversary. It was possible to sell almost 17 million copies of the game, but about half a million customers requested a refund. And in total, the game earned $ 108 million, which is less than Rust.

Summer facepunch released two-button shooter Chippyand he received very positive reviews. So far, less than 10 thousand copies have been sold, which brought the studio about 111 thousand dollars. But the developers are sure that this is only the beginning.