Rungunjumpgun review

On paper it does not seem to offer anything different from the infinity of runner games and similar derivations that invade the mobile market, and in fact the structure basically offers nothing innovative,


but the way the elements are composed to create the picture complete the game can not fail to hit the most experienced videogame player, both for the particular choices made in the style and for the rhythm applied to the action,


the scenarios and some attention to the level design that shines through after a few games. All this contributes to make RunGunJumpGun a title able to stand out from the crowd, with a characterization that obviously winks at some classic productions like Metroid or Turrican,


obviously making the due proportions: inside a solar system in destruction, with the main star dying, an astronaut explorer finds himself having to race against time in different settings, trying to gather resources from the ruined worlds before it’s too late.


History is not really the main point of the game, but it helps to create a rather particular atmosphere, with this feeling of mad speed and sense of the impending end, conjugated to a graphic style perfectly “lo-fi” that recalls the classics in pixels of the space shooter genre. All very much in line with the old school then, except for one particular: all we have to do is press two keys.

Let’s go back to the glories of the vintage space shooter but in a modern way with RunGunJumpGun

 Rungunjumpgun soundtrack


So here’s the main point: the protagonist automatically runs to the right side of the screen and all we have to do is make sure it reaches the end of the levels using only two commands, with a button to shoot down and one to shoot forward, which results in jump and attack.


The simplicity of the control system does not mislead, in any case, because the rhythm imposed to action also makes these two single actions particularly complicated. The levels are very short, all of which can be completed within about 30 seconds or less, but are packed with obstacles and strategically placed enemies to complicate the player’s life.

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The sense is to try to fine-tune the rhythm of the action and the sensitivity on the two commands and the level design leverages this need to act with perfect timing and total fluiditybecause the slightest error can not be forgiven and immediately returns to the beginning of the level.


The shot provokes consequences that introduce an additional mechanism to be considered for the control of the protagonist, with the backlash of the downward fire that can be used to keep it suspended like a kind of jetpack, a move that immediately becomes of fundamental importance for overcome obstacles and perhaps collect the power-ups, so-called “rungunjumpgun atomik”,in the most difficult places (and introduce further the particular variations on the theme in underwater areas).


In  rungunjumpgun apk the levels are therefore extremely short to compensate for their extreme intensity and the speed at which they are visited, but there is a certain care in the rhythm of the action through the way in which the elements are arranged within them.


The graphic style adopted is obviously a 2D with a strongly nostalgic flavor, but filtered through a stylized and particularly lively vision , made of colors and strong contrasts, with the use of transparencies and sprites in continuous movement that creates a truly special atmosphere. supported by a  rungunjumpgun ost of effects and chiptune music able to point out the sense of looming threat and the alien nature of these strange worlds on the verge of collapse.

 Rungunjumpgun gameplay