Rumor: The next era of “Star Wars” starts in 2023 – it will begin a new video game

After the Skywalker saga ends, the future “Star wars“while it looks foggy. Whether the next series of films will go to explore the past, the future or throw events in uncharted regions of the galaxy has not yet been officially announced. A new rumor indicates that the next era of Star Wars will tell about events 400 years before the start of the Skywalker saga, during Supreme Republic.

Information on this was shared by the blog. Making star warswhich has a pretty decent track record when it comes to Star Wars leaks. According to the published material, the overall story of a new era will consist of interconnected parts in various forms of media, including the next series of feature films. In Disney, a new era takes place called Project luminous.

Against this background, the recent publication of the site becomes interesting., which says that the information voiced by Making Star Wars is the same as what they heard from an independent source. According to the resource, the first item in the list of cross-media releases of Project Luminous is a video game. Details about it, whether it is a genre or target platforms, are currently unknown, but there is information that the project will be released in 2021by launching a new era of Star Wars. further notes that Disney intends to adopt for the “Star Wars” movie model Marvel, where all films are independent works, but at the same time have a connection with each other. The material says that Project Luminous is the core on which new films, comics and video games will be built. It is reported that Project Luminous will officially unveil – probably under a different name – this year, after which, in 2023, the game will appear, and in 2023 the first film in the new saga.

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