Rumor: Taika Whitey may be directing a new film in the Star Wars universe

New Zealand Director Thai Taichi can take off for Licasfilm new movie in the universe “star Wars“(Star wars) It is reported The hollywood reporter with reference to informed sources.

Waititi is known for films like “Thor: Ragnarok“and”Real ghouls“And his last project”Rabbit jo jo“This year was nominated for six awards at the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (Oscars).

It is not clear at what stage the negotiations are. There is also no information about the project itself, but you need to consider the busy schedule of the director, who is due to release the film in 2023 “Thor: Love and Thunder“. Lucasfilm is currently developing a movie based on Knights of the old republicas well as a separate draft chapter Marvel studios Kevin Feigi.

Note that Taika Waititi has already managed to work with Lucasfilm before. He not only voiced the droid IG-11 in the series “Mandaloretz“but also acted as director of the final episode of the first season.

According to journalists, the series becomes a kind of testing ground for directors, which are being watched by Lucasfilm management. So, having completed two episodes of “The Mandalore” Deborah Chow will now be solely responsible for the series about Obi-Wan Kenobi.

A similar approach makes sense given the failed policy. Kathleen Kennedy, which could not establish the effective functioning of the franchise. Because of this, problems have arisen with screenwriters and directors who do not like pressure from Lucasfilm.

For example, the director refused to work on the ninth episode of the saga Colin Trevorrowthat triggered the crisis. Recently, his script leaked to the Web, and it turned out that the director’s ideas were much more interesting and logical than the illogical mishmash on AIDS, which he eventually shot J.J. Abrams.

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