Ruiner: Review of the Devolver Digital game

Getting into a video game like Ruiner is a fortune. Strong but incredibly true concept, because the little indie pearls of Reikon Games boys leave their mouths open to the idea, the style and the realization. We are faced with a twin stick shooter, where the only purpose is to slay enemies in the most varied and varied ways possible.
But this is not what affected the game distributed by the Devolver Digital guys: gameplay is certainly one of the pillars of production, but it is the world where it is implanted to make the difference really. Cyberpunk likes or dislikes, there is little to do, but in the case of Ruineryou may not really be of your own liking. 
A city consumed by society, digitized as never before and populated by singular individuals, immersed in a cemetery of skyscrapers and structures from futuristic and distressing architecture. Warm colors but nothing welcoming; the sense of danger and exhaustion is constant. The environment is so rich in personality that history passes in the background: it stays in the frame, and stage after stage enthusiasts of this world as dangerous as magnetic. Ruiner is really a unique game, an original rarer and hard to forget. We spent many hours in Rengkok city: here are our impressions.

The sense of unease entremets from Ruiner comes quickly, by the time we realize how the story given by the development team in the end is only useful in creating a believable context and viscerally disturbing. Padded to the hand, the game is fluid and fun, thanks to a mapping of well-structured controls and an isometric view that allows you to have everything under control. As anticipated, the purpose is very simple: advancing on stage and killing as many enemies as possible.

To do this we will have a large amount of weapons and skills that can be enhanced by using the points we will accumulate during our run. RuinerIt is dynamic and violent: gun rifles, machine guns, assault rifles and more people. Inside it also has a soul trial and error not to be underestimated, especially in medium to high difficulty. Many boss fight will in fact require more efforts, this is because in Ruinerthe approach is fundamental and changing your assault techniques will be paramount.

Is it better to stick heavily with your head or try some interesting combo? You will discover in time what will be the right approach; Do not forget to enjoy the extraordinary gaming world made available by Reikon Games. You can also explore a portion of town and talk with some npc that implicitly will make us understand that this game has so much to give but could have been even more exciting. It is in fact a bit of a burden on the budget, which forces you to neglect some underdeveloped activities that are not finished and a balance of difficulty that is not free from defects.

Devolver Digital is once again targeting Reikon Games. Ruiner is a one-way adventure in a cyberpunk hell of personality, melted into a rhythmic and stimulating gameplay that will keep you glued to the screen for eight good hours. It is only a pity for an unbalanced difficulty and some subtly treated activities with superficiality. Despite this, we are facing an excellent indie production.

Although the title is accessible, however, they come across very very challenging stages even if they are tackled at a normal level. It remains the feeling of playing an indie with a distinct and unique character, even in a production landscape that somehow seek to find the key to emerge from the undergrowth.Ruiner succeeds with ferocity and determination, thanks to a truly astonishing cyberpunk style and a frenzied gameplay, enriched with some more pleasing characters.