Ruben Fleisher became the main candidate for the post of director of the film adaptation of Uncharted

Edition Deadline reports that the director of films Venom and “Welcome to Zombieland” Ruben Fleischer topped the list of candidates for the director’s chair of the film adaptation Uncharted from the film company Sony pictures.
As notes The hollywood reporter, Fleisher and Sony Pictures are not negotiating yet, however, according to insiders Variety, the director will get this job if he wants to.
Recall that earlier the film adaptation of Uncharted lost six directors. The last of them was Travis Knight (Bumblebee) who left the project due to a schedule conflict. Sony Pictures had to postpone the production of the painting because of Tom Holland, who will be busy filming a new film about Spider-Man.

The current draft of the film adaptation, which is supposed to tell about the first adventure of the young Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) and his mentor Salia (Mark Wahlberg), was written by Rafe Jadkins, as well as Arthur Markam and Matt Holloway, known for their work on the film “Iron Man”.

Uncharted is scheduled for release in December 2023, but film companies will likely have to postpone it.