Calcium on the gums
By giving a peek at the vote (we know that you do it, it is useless to try to vague …), you will realize that, beyond the good intentions of the development team, something went tremendously wrong with RPG Maker FES on 3DS, with a series of problems that can hardly be overcome, unless after a long and problematic post-launch patchwork, at the time it is difficult to imagine.
For convenience and simplicity, we will initially list a quadruple order of title issues, then snatch them one at a time in the next review, exiting from the usual division between narrative, gameplay and technical subtype, which would make little sense in this context.
The above-mentioned problems concern, in strict importance, the total lack of a tutorial, the price at which the product is offered, the very little aesthetic variety both in ambient and in character, and ultimately in the absence of any kind of quality control over the content produced on the backdrop of what’s seen with the 3DS version of Super Mario Maker, whose success might be among the elements that pushed Nis America to risk.
We start from the initial impact, comparable to a well-balanced kick on the gums: no tutorials to explain the first steps, with the player abandoned to himself and his desire to discover (… or his patience?).
The games of the last decade, and even some of them before (hey! Listen!), Have become accustomed to extensive tutorials also for very simple titles, taking the player’s hand in an overwhelming and anxious way, but here we go beyond the other, because with all the tools available to the player, there is a real risk that the least convinced will hit the shot after an hour and report back to the RPG Maker FES retailer .
The presence of the Italian language certainly aids, but menu and submenu masnades, a clean but sometimes intuitive interface, and the inconvenience of writing with the nib, using the virtual keypad on the bottom screen of 3DS are all elements to keep in consideration, and would require an in-depth introduction at least at first opening.
The price at which the title is offered in Italy (just under forty euros, which you choose for digital or for the physical version) is another critically critical point and for two distinct reasons.
The first is that the amount of content, which initially seems incredible, turns out to be at the dawn of ten hours, especially for those who do not have the time, desire or internet to download the handful of additional free packages available on eShop.
The range of adventures that you can create is surprisingly limited when compared to the price of the program, which, remember, is higher than the PC counterpart, far more complete and user friendly thanks to the co-operated mouse / keyboard.
If the situation improves slightly by downloading all that is free, to truly expand the creative experience, it is necessary to have a further outlay, in the order of the abundant fifteen euros, for additional packages and textures.
This additional cost would bring the total spending to exceed fifty-five euros, a figure that we find unfounded with the RPG Maker FES gaming offer : it would not have been more appropriate to make all the additional free content due to the delay with which the product comes in west with respect to Japan, or perhaps, perhaps, to make a “Definitive Edition”, in order to reduce costs?
The other thing, to be underestimated, is that RPG Maker FES is accompanied by a free downloadable application from the store, which allows anyone to enjoy the creations of other players without paying a euro, giving up, of course, the creative process: although Not all of the creations present at the time of writing this piece are worth (to use euphemism), who is only interested in playing, and we believe we are talking about the vast majority of 3DS users, there is no incentive to pay off money to do so.