PlayStation 5 is a true next-generation console: Western journalists spoke out on the successor to the PlayStation 4

Sales will begin on November 12 Playstation 5 on the territory of the USA and Japan, and on November 19 the prefix will debut in Europe and Russia. Earlier, Western journalists were able to familiarize themselves with the system and share their impressions of it.

Edition VG247 gathered different opinions. For the most part, they turned out to be very positive. Observers note that the PlayStation 5 turned out to be very worthy in technical terms, its customers all generation will receive expensive exclusives from Sony, and it also has unique distinctive features, namely the DualSense controller with unusual functionality. It is unanimously called the biggest surprise – it gives new sensations.

The disadvantages of journalists include the volume of the built-in SSD and the inability to run games from external media, as well as various system restrictions.


“The PlayStation 5 certainly lives up to my expectations for the next generation, and in the future it may even surpass them. The initial high framerate and ray tracing experience is great, and the loading speed is also great. New interface elements, including tabs with activities and a control center, help to do the usual things faster and more conveniently, as well as open up additional opportunities. Consoles have room to grow – for example, in terms of cloud saves and expanding system storage. I hope that over time these points will be corrected. “


“The PlayStation 5 is a significant investment, but early adopters shouldn’t regret their decision. Even in our lean times, the PS5 really manages to surprise. It certainly won’t fundamentally change the way you play video games. But thanks to hardware ahead of the PlayStation 4, as well as high download speeds, you are sure to have a pleasant experience. If the console has a serious disadvantage, it is the size of the internal SSD. You can install very few games in memory at the same time, and this is ridiculous. “


“While the looks might sound out of the ordinary, the PlayStation 5 is very similar to its predecessor in normal use. You need to prepare for the next 4K @ 60fps in a number of games, a significant increase in download speed, and as well as the unique features of the DualSense gamepad. And while Sony Studios and third-party developers get used to the new hardware, you can continue to enjoy your favorite PS4 games, sometimes with very impressive graphical improvements. The foundation is excellent, with which Sony has every chance of repeating the success of the PS4 that we could see in this generation. “


“PlayStation 5 makes a powerful first impression, literally immersing you in the worlds of games – thanks to the DualSense gamepad, 3D sound technology and graphics potential, which exist in perfect harmony. The interface has its bugs and some rough edges, and the console itself is somewhat difficult to fit on the shelf but on the whole we are facing a real huge step into a new generation with a chance to completely turn the usual ideas about games in general. “

Metro UK

“The PlayStation 5 is an impressive gaming system. While some of its features, including fast downloads and the ability to run games in 4K resolution at 60fps, are also available on Xbox Series X, a stronger lineup of starter projects and unique DualSense controller technologies are much ahead of everything Microsoft has entered the market with today. “


“When it launches, the PS5 is a great console, paving the way for audiences to a promising future gaming experience – with exciting features and a much more user-friendly experience. Proprietary SSD, unique DualSense, and powerful hardware clearly delineate the difference between current and upcoming generations. SSD we got fast loading speed and access to features such as “Activities.” In turn, the impact of using the DualSense gamepad clearly shows why it’s time to abandon the DualShock 4. And, of course, the performance of games along with graphics, regardless of Even though backward compatibility has certain problems now, the ability to play the library with PS4 almost without any restrictions is very cool (I even tested Guitar Hero Live, which proved to be quite good).

With a series of rigorous tests and games like Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Astro’s Playroom, I can say that the next generation of PlayStation is coming with great potential. “

“Over the past five years, the PlayStation brand has built a reputation for being the perfect place to explore high-end, massive blockbusters. The PlayStation 5 is a literal expression of that philosophy. The console is actually designed for teams of developers looking to create high-end development, as well as gamers interested in them.” …


“The PS5 is already doing it right now. By focusing on completely redesigned hardware, controller and key interface features, the PlayStation team has found the key to a new generation in its true form. Graphics and frame rate improvements are great, and in the future, of course the picture will only get better. But it is a number of other features that immerse you in the atmosphere of games that make the next step forward from Sony so much. Prepare to say goodbye to loading screens and welcome the opportunity to get the most of information with the press of just one button. you’re bound to stumble upon some nice system improvements that exist within the console that look and feel like a real artifact of the future, even if the design of the console is not to everyone’s taste. “


“Putting aside a number of old problems, the new generation Sony dives head first. The DualSense controller is completely different from the DualShock 4. The whole PS5 looks like a certain departure from the usual norm. Even the interface combines a number of unusual solutions. And now the console has good exclusive games, but there are certain disadvantages everywhere.

If at some point you are faced with a choice between Xbox Series X and PS5, and you really want to feel the very “new generation” on yourself, then the Sony console, perhaps, is a more suitable option here. Especially considering the real exclusives and the DualSense features. However, the advantages of both systems far outweigh any disadvantages, and each manages to move forward, remembering to learn from past mistakes. “


“The PlayStation 5 is an outstanding gaming device. There are several areas that Sony should focus on in the future, especially when it comes to customization, but the foundation is very solid. The console is quiet, cool, has a great interface, and has a solid lineup of games. If you’re planning to dive into the next generation this fall, the PS5 is a great choice. “


“The PlayStation 5 is an impressive platform, but even with all of its improvements and an outstanding controller, it’s very difficult to recommend it this year. As well as the Xbox, all of their games will only get better over the next year or two. the price of hardware is likely to drop somewhat, and the library of exclusive projects will have time to accumulate. “

VG24 / 7

“We are delighted with the PS5, its great controller, stylish interface and the future-proof Demon’s Souls. We believe that if you really want to experience the emotions of the coming generation, PlayStation 5 is the only choice.”

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