The princess was beautiful, and her terrible fate

I’ll be honest: play A Rose in the Twilight I wanted because of its concept, aesthetics and a certain confidence in the Nippon Ichi Software, which is not so long ago released an unusual and atmospheric “horror» Yomawari: Night Alone. As for the gameplay – puzzle are unlikely to be too sad, I think, but it will not detract from the immersion in the setting of the game.

As a result, I can admit that I was wrong. Yes, A Rose in the Twilight there is a certain intrigue, and apparently it is almost always looks good, but the vast majority of the time and forget about the first, and second, carefully calculating the trajectory of the fall of the protagonist, fragile like a porcelain doll.

Review A Rose in the Twilight

If you’ve seen at least some videos about the game, you probably already know, that cute little princess will have to die very, very often. Sometimes these deaths, like, say, in the Limbo, help us to understand where necessary to wait for the threat.

Sometimes the transition to a new part of the castle, a library, for example, the heroine in some way you have to sacrifice herself to her stained with blood and covered with spikes stems destroyed, preventing the passage. But most of the princess will die due to the fact that you are a little bit, just a little, not calculated the stick movement, and she stumbled on something sharp, slipped into the abyss, or was eaten by a monster.

Given that the heroine goes very slowly (which is not surprising – her fluffy dress and shoes is not very suitable for the current situation), and checkpoint locations are less common than we would like,

Review A Rose in the Twilight

Fortunately, this princess vulnerability can be called a kind of side-effects, and the foundation of the game mechanics is the heroine of the interaction with the strange spherical giant. Unlike its companion, it is not afraid spiny thickets, falls and other hazards, while it is able to pick up and throw objects (as well as the very princess).

The latter can climb the stairs and – its main advantage – to collect blood from the items and put into the other. It looks a lot less scary than it sounds: red just flows in a white rose on the back of the heroine, after which a girl can fill them with the necessary object (and sometimes a living creature).

Bloody benches and chairs are no different from normal (in other words, they are the laws of physics), and bloodless, on the contrary, can freeze somewhere in the middle of fall, and even take them and throw is also impossible, the rose is able to absorb the blood of only one thing. It is these conditions largely determine the situation of gameplay.

Review A Rose in the Twilight

Because of such a large difference in the opportunities (and dimensions), the two main characters are forced to alternately look for a way to help each other to rejoin the exit of the locations (and leave it just the two of you can).

I must say that, despite the developer attempts to introduce something new (in the garden, for example, the heroine is engaged in watering plants and fungi from a watering can with blood), by the middle of A Rose in the Twilight frankly begins to tire.

The scenery changed, there are new obstacles, but it still comes down to monotonous manipulation with multiple levers, lifts and barrels. Yes, there are some problems were “Logic”, and the search for the secrets, but it is a drop in the sea of ​​scarlet repetitions déjà vu.

Review A Rose in the Twilight
So look “blood memories”.