Last Day of June, the review of Ovosonico’s new adventure

Just as hot are the hearts of Carl and June, the happy couple of boyfriends who, sitting on the dock of that lake, are sitting to “talk about love,” as an Italian songwriter would say at the time. June is drawing on a notebook (drawing is not a simple passion for her, you’ll find it playing), Carl tries to peek but there is nothing to do.

She has a gift to give and an announcement to her beloved, but begins to rain, and the two are forced to ride in the car.Already in this short sequence you can see all the Ovosonic care in the details, specifically in the animations.

 As in reality, they are the little gestures that give a thick relationship to a couple, like the June thrill that makes Carl run and take a sweater in his car.

The return journey by car is fatal for June, however, as we discover Carl’s awakening on an armchair, sleeping and dreaming of the last moments of his sweet mid-life, of which we also dress in a short game of play, engaged to hide the gift to give Carl.

In a room with colors diametrically opposed to those of the lake, where the amount of red in the sun is mirrored in that of the room, now that is only lightly illuminated by a fire, we learn that Carl is forced into the wheelchair after the ‘ accident and, with little strength and equally little conviction, is forced to climb on the chair to eat something. 

There is only boxed food, but the apricot is in the room where he painted his beloved, an inaccessible room for the poor Carl’s heart, which all he would do was remember how good his beautiful was when he painted. After having strengthened and crossed the threshold of the heaviest door of all, the discovery of the event starts: the paintings painted by June can allow Carl to manipulate the time.

Last Day of June, the review of Ovosonico's new adventure

June is Strange
The premise of Last Day of June is far from original, and probably does not even intend to be. The inevitability of destiny, the dangers of traveling back and forth in time and manipulating it, the butterfly effect and many related issues of time, choices and dramatic events of life that an average consumer of entertainment products has seen many times in so many variations.

What matters during the four hours that are required to complete Last Day of June is not the “thing” but the “how”. I laugh it for the last time, but you pretend to repeat it at the beginning and end of each paragraph: Ovosonic’s staging is great.

From the character design, grotesque but in a sympathetic way with these eyes-free characters that express themselves in verse, the aforementioned animations, colors, the brush effect for the graphic details, and the amazing soundtrack, all of this makes this production iconic. 

The signs of the life of the two characters, sometimes talked about with a drawing, on other occasions through scenes in which the two, in the form of real estate spirits, show a small splash of their relationship, but in any case give the strong emotions.

All this contributes to making Last Day of June, finish the queue titles, an adventure that leaves the mark, and straighten the nose several times and lower the eyebrows, which, on the other hand, are torn apart and raised several times.

Everything revolves around the small village where Carl and June live. Four stories (a child, a close in love, a hunter and an elder) intertwine with those of our favorite couple, so much to mark their fate as we have already said. Carl’s job, and that of the player, is to make sure everything goes right and that the return journey from the guitar to the lake does not suffer any kind of impediment. Obviously, you have to put together a whole host of factors to make it all right.