Rogue Wizards

To defeat evil, should be regularly cleaned and more new dungeon and destroy the villain’s henchmen there (or rather, to liberate the enslaved their souls). We are fighting in a simple step by step – in their turn or move on the cell, or change weapons, drink the potion, attack / use spell. Then we collect mountain of trophies with the carcasses of fallen enemies.

Also in the dungeons full of chests, meet vendors, special altars that give temporary bonuses or boilers for cooking potions and create spells.

There’s also sometimes come across various funny zveryata like crab or the purple dragon, which, if desired, will be your companions. Or you can stumble upon another magician – he will first help here in the catacombs, and then join the others on our database.

There we are allowed to store things, trade, enchant items, learn in a special tower spells one of the six schools of natural, visit the blacksmith.

And in some of these services, you can invest, for example, to increase the capacity of the warehouse or improve range of goods.

Slow Torchlight

That is actually in front of us a sort of turn-based version of Diablo and Torchlight. There is a simple story, there is a village-base with all the facilities and standard services, where we dropped in the dungeon.

There is even a fun companion animals, as in the Torchlight and Fate (it is a pity that they can not be sent to the store to sell stuff).

Rogue Wizards review

In the underground works “fog of war”, and to move between the open areas is possible through teleports.

At the same time, in contrast to many other popular contemporary “bagels», Rogue the Wizards did not make a bet on the survival of the elements – there is no need to constantly think about food, about the fading torches and how to survive even a little and to endure to the exit. The game is focused on the steady progress of the catacombs, the massacre of the enemies, “pumping” (improving the three basic characteristics and the available spells) and collect “loot” in hopes to knock some rare or legendary sword kladenets.

The only difference is that here it all happens again, step by step. And in this, perhaps, the main advantage and the main minus the Rogue Wizards.

At first elements tactical delight – a lot of enemies, each with resistance or weakness to some elements, each in its own attacks (some, for example, sends us hallucinations or block magic). Therefore, the opportunity to calmly assess the situation, change weapons and pick up the spell has to be very helpful. Especially in fights with “bosses”.

But then, as experience is inevitable in these games is feeling routine and monotony, measured step by step advancement on the cell begins just annoying.

In Diablo and TorchlightThis was partially offset by a furious pace. And then, it turns out routine and monotony only smeared with a thin layer of approximately the same catacombs.

And the battle more and more boring: you pozovyvaya, doing everything on the machine, and the enemies fall after two rounds of onions, which is far from being your most powerful weapon. “Bosses” is also no longer scare.

No surprises

salvation in this case could be just those things, who are famous for many of today’s more or less cartoonish “bagels” – unpredictable “random”, unexpected situations, survival items, constant fear and danger, the unusual role or combat system numerous complex traps.

Or likely to be reborn after death in the body of a new character with some genetic abnormalities, as in the The Legacy Rogue . In an extreme case would be helped really interesting, dynamic plot.

But none of this in Rogue Wizards do not. Even the element of chance does not help, because all the dungeons, enemies and “bosses” are repeated from time to time. Moreover, there is a purely game-design errors.

For example, to buy from merchants that something other than potions of health and some spell it makes no sense.

A blacksmith and do nothing, because the various equipment and trophies already in the caves so much, that have nowhere to go. Accordingly, the “pump” the blacksmith also makes no sense. By and large, all of the services on the basis of actual need only tower with new spells so enchantment items (though not always).

Rogue Wizards review