Rocket League

Rocket League is one of the coolest surprises that we will find this summer in the Plus service of Playstation 4 and also in PC .. There are few who are stuck in a formula as simple as effective. Two teams of three vehicles, one ball in between and two goals.

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The cross between football and Burnout that perhaps nobody had ever considered and that provides, at least, a few hours of fun when you have only tried one

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game to see “what it was about”. It is not perfect or surely it will be a game that next year will be on the list of the most played, but neither does it aim at anything other than having a good time.

The word-of-mouth with this title has been key. When you look at the list of free games for Playstation 4 in July I saw the name of Rocket League surely


without paying too much attention (its creators are Psyonix, creators of ARC Squadron for mobile phones and who are currently working in Nosgoth).


But first a friend asks you if you have tried such a game, then you see a thread in any forum where it is commented on how much fun it is, and some Yankee

reviews appear. And yes, draws enough attention to download the 1.5 gigs that takes more or less (and almost two gigs more patch, because for some reason the title overheated some Playstation 4).

Rocket League (PS4) screenshot

The first step is to go through the single player campaign, where we play with both AI and enemy AI to get the controls, which are not too complicated either. At the end of the day we have several fields of different dimensions with two goals and our goal is to score goals


with a large ball and a physical balloon type more than medical ball in between. When we are used to the controls it will be the moment to leave the modality offline, mainly because the AI ​​has behaviors quite debatable in the rival equipment and in ours and can get to be


desperate (there are several levels, in any case). Rocket League is designed to play online, and is that neither has too many modes or variety between them. It is what it is: games one after the other where the winner gets the most goals.

We can play Rocket League in exhibition games, even, a whole season or even a split screen in local mode for 4 players. In addition, it has crossplay between


PS4 and PC, something that increases the chances of finding rivals in the future. But all modes are reduced to the same: play games and win while adding points


to make a series of actions in the field and unlock new items such as vehicles or other accessories that personalize the experience something.

Rocket League (PS4) screenshot

Gas and goals
The important thing of the game ends up being what happens in the field. And that’s where Rocket League traps players irretrievably.


We can modify equipment size, length of time … minutiae. The important thing is to start the game and start going crazy for the ball. What seems tremendously basic at first, pushing the ball into the opposite goal, becomes more complicated as we see how the ball


reacts according to our blow, the possibilities we have according to the angle from which we hit or even the maneuvers and tricks in the air-once we jump-that have a timming that can allow us to hit with more or less force the ball.

Rocket League is chaos and madness in equal parts. Sometimes the camera will play some tricks on us because of the speed at which everything happens. Up to eight cars hitting each other, flying through the air, while trying to hit a ball in between.


We will soon see wonderful plays. One of our teammates throws the ball on the hood of the vehicle and is unable to give force while it is touching.


In that instant, we appear at full speed jumping over him as if it were the fantastic car to finish at goal. The stages are enclosed as in a kind of dome, so we can advance the rivals by the sides at great speed surprising and finishing off a side wall when others were fighting from the ground.