Rock of Ages II

In the purest Monty Python style , the title presents a striking aesthetic and a sense of humor that reminds us a lot of what this group of humorists of British origin. The argument is not less, being necessary to recover the globe that Atlas has lost


… and to recover it, we must use giant rocks. An absurd plot that allows us to have contact with the most insane and “forced” forms that you can go through your head (with all the intentions of the world) with real and fictional historical characters of all kinds and era, since King Richard Heart of Lion to others like Medusa, Adam and Eve or Van Gogh. Comic surrealism of the best quality.


A narrative madness that is unraveling along a multitude of levels that make up the Campaign mode , the main one, although the title also gives us multiplayer modes that I will talk about later. But the first thing is to focus on what the title offers us in playable matter, which is certainly not small and, at all, traditional.



Super Monkey Ball meets Tower Defense

Do you remember the Sega Super Monkey Ball saga (which, by the way, I start to miss a lot?) Well, the gameplay that shapes this Rock of Ages II: Bigger and Boulder combines the fun game mechanics that AiAi and his friends proposed to us with the best tower defense tradition, and how do you manage to combine this? Does it work? Perfectly, as its predecessor has already demonstrated.


Rock of Ages II analysis

Crashing the rocks against the castles transmit incredibly attractive sensations. Does anyone in Sega remember Super Monkey Ball?

The gameplay follows an invariable pattern that is divided into two different styles that alternate. Our goal is to destroy the fortress or castle of the rival while protecting ours, which is located at the end of a small stage that usually has a peculi


ar design and something intricate (but not too much). And the way to destroy this fortification is by means of a giant rock, which we must guide along this route so that it ends up hitting the entrance gate. A gameplay that is a clear nod to the aforementioned Super Monkey Ball series since we have to drive the ball all the way avoiding the obstacles and traps to try to cause the most damage with each impact.


Rock of Ages II PC

Tower Defense, skill, maybe strategy? It is a game that is difficult to classify

Well, this is what our rivals are trying to do, something we must stop at all costs … which in this case is gold. And I explain. Every time we throw a rock and embed it against the opponent’s castle, we must wait a certain time for our subjects to make an

other one. But instead of standing idly by, these moments should be used to try to protect our strength . And how do we get it? So investing the gold we get as we play to acquire objects and traps of all kinds … some of them really funny and effective.


Rock of Ages II

Rock of Ages II PC

As we progress we can acquire new rocks, each with its own qualities and characteristics.

Towers or catapults are combined with fans, cows, lions and other elements that slow down, hinder or modify the trajectory of giant rocks. A tower defenseconcept that adapts perfectly to the action and that adds a special interest to each game as well as a strategic touch. That is because depending on what we consider appropriate, it is possible to dra


w a strategy to follow determined. Do we evade all possible obstacles and try to smooth down the resistance of the rival castle or do we try to destroy all that we can so that in the subsequent turns we find less resistance? How and where do we place each trap? No doubt the tactic has much weight in this game, an aspect that seems to me a success.


In addition to this and to add even more fun and possibilities to the issue, we do not always have to use the same type of rock. As we progress, it is possible to acquire new rolling stones , all of them endowed with some special characteristic such as being able to jump, have a greater weight than normal, etc. Another way to add more grace to a very engaging game mechanic and in itself, we repeat, tremendously original if you have not played the first part.


The campaign mode, which incidentally is also suitable for one or two players, is spiced up by other complementary multiplayer also striking. The first is War Match , which allows us to face another opponent in local or 2 against 2 online. Then there is obstacle course , really attractive mode that allows us to settle our differences in unbridled racing.


The Challenges of Time invite us to overcome the records shown in the leaderboard corresponding to each level and, as if that were not enough, all this is combined with strong customization options, being able to paint and give our rocks really ridiculous aspects as well as choose the flag of our army and other options.


Rock of Ages II

We can choose the corresponding phases traveling through a world map.

A fairly complete offer that results in a title as different as desirable and well done, and that includes its graphic section.


It is not that it is the game that more and better squeezes the Unreal Engine 4 , not at all, but without a doubt it supposes an evident jump of quality in relation to the shown by the first part of this title. And as for the effects, the dialogues in English (with subtitles in Spanish) capture part of the protagonism, although the soundtrack is also remarkable and the effects shine during each game.