Robert Downey Jr vs Dragon in Doolittle Official Trailer

Film company Universal pictures after a series of teasers and promo videos published the official trailer for the upcoming film “Dr. Dolittle’s Amazing Journey“.

The trailer shows in much more detail the real green paradise that the retired veterinarian Dr. Doolittle (Robert Downey Jr.) arranged on his estate. There are almost no people here, and numerous and varied animals are watching everything – since the doctor knows how to talk to them.

According to the plot, Doolittle and his friends of all sorts and kinds will have a long and dangerous journey: to the lost islands, for a unique medicine. The team is waiting for a variety of trials, from the storm to meeting a real dragon.

The filmmakers have assembled a truly stellar cast of actors, although most of them will not appear on the screen. The voice of the talking animals involved Rami Malek, John Cena, Tom Holland, Craig Robinson, Kumeil Nanzhiani, Emma Thompson and others. And the director was Stephen Geigan, screenwriter of the Oscar-winning film “Traffic“.

“The amazing journey of Dr. Doolittle” will be released on Russian February 20.