That a game present, first, the Difficult Mode as the only alternative already clearly denotes what its responsible people are looking for.


 Action of the old school ; an extreme challenge that remembers the essence of those great classics with which we enjoyed so much in the eighties and nineties. He achieves it, in a remarkable way, and also with his own per


sonality ; making you see it as a unique, original video game, and not as a simple imitator of the great legacy to which the protagonists of the adventure, with much humor, make reference on several occasions. It is meritorious, well it is, considering tha


t RIVE is not that I invent anything new; his great triumph is knowing how to reinvent his actionagain and again with more and more crazy challenges … at the same time as mortals. Sometimes, extremely deadly.


The chaos of combat

The good thing about RIVE, despite its enormous difficulty, is that it rarely gets to despair. If you die, and you will do it many times, you reappear immediately in a position close to the disaster. So it is easy to re-engage in action, learn from mistake

s, and move forward distributing tow. However, there is an excessive abuse of that crazy chaos that we like so much, making it really difficult to survive certain game situations. It is not exasperating, but it is not fun to die of continuous as
well, the rhythmof the action can be somewhat affected. There are moments that are incredibly epic, like when you escape in the desperation of a lava flow, but all that emotion that makes you drunk while you run successfully can disappear at a stroke if you make the slightest mistake. Here, not even the slightest error is forgiven.


RIVE analysis

The best thing about RIVE is that you always know how to surprise yourself with more crazy and extreme challenges. This? This is nothing compared to what awaits you.

That it is very difficult seems great to us, we like it, because overcoming its challenges makes you feel proud, a hero; but when it i


s abused of the impossible combats and implacable traps, all that grace is lost. And in this adventure you will find a couple of moments of style that detract some charm from the final set. Nothing serious, of course, because the action is so delirious and spectacular, that everything is forgiven. We already said it before. RIVE knows how t


o surprise you from start to finish. Always add a dash of spice to the combats either by forcing you to move through environments without gravity, dodging explosive mines, moving with difficulty by air currents while avoiding falling into the jaws of a shredder, or simply fighting against dozens of enemies escorted by a big boss.



RIVE also stands out for the intuitiveness of its control system

To deal with all these threats we have few but valuable resources: the ability to jump , for the levels set inside the space station in which the a

dventure takes place, and a main gun, a machine gun, which we can accompany several additional weapons with limited ammunition … and really little weight in the fighting. They have their utility, because a good shot in t
ime can clean the screen in a jiffy, but they do not make the difference either. And this, added to the small variety of enemies , is a negative aspect to consider. Because yes, the game surprises you again and again with more and more extreme challenges, but there they are, the same robotic enemies attacking tirelessly.




The battles against the bosses are brutal and spectacular. Pity that there is no more of the style, because surviving them is an odyssey.

The option to pirate some of these robots to help us, or to perform in extremis the same action to open new roads in the middle of combat, help keep the interest in the adventure very high. The five hours that can take you to complete the game go flying because in addition the story that counts, with texts in Spanish, has humor and is followed with interest.


Do not expect much, it is typical and it does not stop being an excuse to crush robots, but in the end, it has its grace and also allows Two Tribes to say goodbye to the videogame industry with great dignity. Because if you did not know, this is your last videogame as developers . A sad goodbye that in his case, tastes like sweet goodbye for the good work done.


Apart from its ability to surprise, RIVE also stands out for the intuitiveness of its control system and the precision with which you cont


rol your combat vehicle. We would have liked to give more importance to the technical improvements, as there are few as we already pointed out lines, but in general the sensations could not be more positive. Once the adventure is over, we still have a game to play if we decide to complete their levels in the Time Trial Mode. Too hard? Bef


ore we had not said it but if you die too many times at the same point, the game reduces its difficulty. A good measure to avoid despairing before hours. To emphasize, like something negative, the presence of some bugs that in some cases force to reinitiate the level, and the little forcefulness of the sound track; It’s not bad, but it does not reach the level of the great classics either.