Rising Storm

It is hard to imagine when someone observes a photo of an idyllic island in the southern Pacific, with those crystal clear waters and the wind rocking the palm trees on a soft white sand, that there was a time that those same places were closer to hell than thousands of Young people wish they had been.


Okinawa, Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima , are not chapters of the underrated series of HBO “The Pacific” (true that it was losing compared to Brothers of Blood , but still it is of very high quality), if not islands where some of them were fought. of the fiercest battles of the Second World War.


A small piece of information: on a 13km square island called Peleliu, a battle was fought where more than 20,000 soldiers lost their lives, or on an island a little bigger than Ibiza, Okinawa, it is estimated that nearly 200,000 soldiers and more than 100,000 civilians lost their lives.


It is hard to imagine when we walked through the gay streets of the tropical Japanese island in Yakuza 3 what must have been an authentic hell on earth. We will never be able to understand what the protagonists suffered.


That would have been the icing, because Rising Storm does manage to make us forget that there is a world out there that is not at war, but what would have been right to explain the experiences of a soldier during the campaign In the pacific. We are aware that this has never been the idea of Tripwire , neither with this nor with the excellent Red Orchestra , especially the Heroes of Stalingrad ,


but we had to say it, although it is probably a simple longing for good shooters based on the Second World War, as the Call of Dutybefore starting his turn on the roads we all know. The gap is still there, waiting for the overdose of titles from the second war that occurred a few years ago.


The success of games like Red Orchestra 2 , both in critical and commercial clamor for the terrible war that the world suffered a little more than half a century ago, return sooner than later to our screens.

A long time since a group of friends presented in a Nvidia contest a mod for the Unreal Engine Tournament 2004 , based on the Second World War called Red Orchestra: Combined Arms. The result was unbeatable, gaining the first place which meant having access to Unreal Engine 3.0 licenses thus laying the first stone of what would be Tripwire Interactive.


It was not an easy road until in 2011 they took out a winning horse with Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad. It was a turn of the screw to the war multiplayer we had known, where a bullet knocks you over unceremoniously and realism comes out through all your pores.


The truth is that there was demand for a title of these characteristics, something more accessible and direct than Arma, but with a similar level of demand.

Letters from Iwo Jima, but without letters
Letters from Iwo Jima, but without letters

Two years later on Tripwire they have decided to take an independent expansion focused on the struggle in the Pacific. Also, when you purchase Rising Storm, the Heroes of Stalingrad is included , but if we decide to install the Rising Storm only,


there is no problem; We both go to thirty-odd gigas. Rising Storm will take us through several scenarios of the most important battles that took place in that corner of the globe.


We have Peleliu, Guadalcanal, Saipan, the Hanto river among others, specially designed following the historical context of that time. Peleliu 


For example, it is an arid island with hardly an airport to attack or defend, all under a sun of justice. Or on the contrary, to fight in the dark night of the jungle, only broken by the scarce reddish light of some flares.

It is the mixture, of tension and atmosphere that make the formula of Tripwire a formula of success , but there is something that comes out above the rest, and it is realism . Although it includes a game mode called “action” made mainly to attract players from other less demanding games, where we are more resistant to enemy bullets and can recover quickly.


The problem is that if we do not come from the Red Orchestra 2 with a good level, we will have to play this modality untilreach level 13 to play realistically , which without a doubt, is the soul of this series and spreads fear, frustration and enjoyment alike.


In realistic mode, forget to keep running if you get a bullet, or refueling weapons in zero seconds. You will know what it is like to have to reload your rifle for five seconds while the bullets whistle around you.