Risen 3: Titan Lords

Piranha is ready to put an end to Risen, his particular journey in the desert in which the modest German studio has not only been separated from his best-known franchise, Gothic, but also has taken the step of becoming a multiplatform studio, abandoning in part its role as a champion of a very specific way of understanding the role in compatible. After a solid start with the first installment of Risen, the studio did not end up being lucky in the face of the second installment,


Dark Waters, which generated division among users and put on the feet of not a few Gothic fans. You do not have to mythologize the original trilogy, the three games have their problems and some have needed patches or mods of users to improve, but you have to understand that those games had something that made us pay attention to the whole and that they were able to


immerse us in their world . Risen 2 instead chose to sacrifice elements in pursuit of a more polished and affordable experience, what broke the whole and transformed it into a series of individuals with less value and much less charm. It’s easier to look for defects when you do not have superlatives that keep you busy.

The study itself is aware of all this and has reacted to criticism. Good part of the promotional campaign of Risen 3 has been dedicated to show the different sections in which the new game has improved with respect to the second part. They have also been quite insistent on the idea that Risen 3 combines elements of the saga with Gothic to create a more complete and


satisfying experience for all. After playing it, we can say that the studio has not lied, but it still can not reproduce what made the original trilogy such special games -particularly the first two-. But in general, the sensations are better than those of the second delivery.

Risen 3: Titan Lords (360) screenshot

As always in the games of the German study, here there is no worthy character creation but we start with an established character that by a series of circumstances “starts from scratch” and we can develop in the direction we want, both in morality, capacity and attributes. We will also do so in a world seriously threatened, with forces from beyond the penetration of the


mortal plane and devouring reality while demonic beings appear everywhere in what seems the end of the world. This is important and related to the personal circumstances of the protagonist, who has a more immediate goal: to recover his soul before becoming a demon.

Before that we will have the tutorial, camouflaged, but tutorial. Piranha has learned the lesson about the last game and fortunately the duration of this initial sequence is short. It is linear, restrictive and absurdly guided, but it has the right size to pass quickly, learn the essential elements of control, combat and basic mechanics and finally start our adventure. From here, we can use the


so-called Glory points to increase our base characteristics and start touring places in search of allies with which to overcome the terrible curse, which on the other hand is closely related to the threat that looms in the world . Different factions seek in their own way to combat that threat, so it is important to talk to anyone who can offer a solution,

Risen 3: Titan Lords (360) screenshot

The character development system is a success and something that other role games should be fixed more, following a great tradition of role-playing games that separate but at the same time relate


between our characteristics and our skills, also establishing that a specific skill requires not only a physical qualification, but also an apprenticeship of someone who knows more than we do. So on the one hand we have the attributes, which we can improve using the “experience points” that we will


gain by fighting and solving missions: body to body, distance, cunning, influence, resistance, dexterity, magic and spiritthey are the base categories, which we can raise by investing points and taking into account the old principle that the more we want to go up, the more it costs. It will be our first step when choosing what kind of character we want to be, something for which we have plenty of freedom.