Rise & Shine

Rise & Shine uses this concept a lot in many of its traps. In the title of Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team of action and puzzles , dying is only part of the advancement process. Sometimes literally. The problem of the mechanics of trial and error (and that Rick Dangerous was blamed at the time) is that it is, by definition, a cheat


. You can not avoid death until you know the threat. In games like the Souls saga, something similar happens, but always keep in mind that the player who goes with a thousand eyes and absolute caution can detect all the traps that hide their levels.


The good thing about Rise & Shine is that its hodgepodge of genres and subgenres creates a dynamism that we have rare


ly seen so much now or in past times. It is noted that the studio is very fond of classic 2D in its variant plataformera, action, Run & Gun, shoot’em up and puzzle. And all this you will find here, together with a deep tribute to the world of the game in clear direct or indirect tributes that the player has the pleasure and the minigame to discover through all its references.



Action, puzzles and infinite lives

So many are the references that it is impossible to mention them all, but they shine with more force when not only homage is paid to Super Mario Bros., for example, but it also pays tribute to its mechanics, like jumping monstrous goombas, for example. I

t’s fun to find a train full of classic fallen videogame heroes, but it’s even more fun to pick up for a boss the blue and red shot mechanics of an Ikaruga and use it only for that particular moment, and that’s it.


Rise & Shine analysis

If you want to capture all the references to the world of videogames, you will have to pay attention to the scenario, since there are them in every corner.

The bosses and sub-managers , in fact, are some of the best moments we’ve enjoyed at Rise & Shine. They are imaginative and mix that flavor of a classic enemy using wisely the mechanics that you have learned along the last level, where you have to make them effective at the best performance. They are many, varied and arrive when they have to arrive.


Perhaps the key to Rise & Shine that makes this title stand out from its peers is the imagination of the designers. This is also demonstrated by the puzles whose solutions are becoming more and more intricate and that start by adding a system


to manually handle the bullet through the stage to destroy something or press a button that allows us to continue. You can do something repetitive, but later the game manages to create new puzzles. They work best when mixed with the action itself, where dodging bombs and shots while trying to figure out how to get out of the situation creates a magnificent tension.


Rise & Shine PC

Something worse we have seen the coverage system , which can cut the action somewhat and sometimes does not work as well as full freedom


of movement and dodge for yourself the shots that are aimed at your position. On many occasions we have had difficulties to advance through the mechanics of coverage, when it has been much simpler to dodge attacks by ourselves.