Rise of the Necromancer

In 2017, the year of Diablo ‘s twentieth anniversary , Blizzard was obliged, among other things, not present at the appeal of the releases, to revive the interest in this franchise, now unchanged from the exit of the expansion of the third chapter “Reaper of Souls”.
After an early year event that has brought us nostalgically to the thriller of the trilogy, we are now ready to discover more and more about the new character, the necromancer, which shortly (though we do not yet know the exact date) will go to popular gaming servers. The inspiration is the Priests of Rathma, those characters who in the narrative imagination have learned to balance and contrast the essence of death to that of life, gaining both power more and more. A power that develops at the expense of others and finds its maximum expression in the blood.
Apart from that, however, we go into technical detail since, as well as every player in Hack’n’Slash and especially Diablo , the important thing is actually playing with the characters and understanding how to make the most of the skills they make available .
This is just a small part of them and we show it in the attached video, but here’s a brief description below.
Grim Scythe: It is the prince’s ability, the one through which he recovers essence. It consists of rotating the scythe with semicircular movements to damage all the enemies around us.
Blood Nova: It is characterized by an explosion of blood that is part of the character and extends radially over 360 °. Consumed essence, it has about 8 times that of a Grim Scythe
Devour: Consume the body near the character and allow him to recover Essence instantly and in large quantities. It seems essential to be able to prolong its own special shots, with a second trance
Rise of the Necromancer
Golem: he is a fucking but faithful companion of adventures. In his Blood version (we will probably find other variants) he has a dual role of Dps and Healer, because exactly how we are able to use the dark limbs to recover energy from the blood and exploit it to make an increased damage.
Blood Rush: It is the necromancer’s escape ability, useful to quickly move away from the heart of the action. It is even possible to cross the solid walls of the buildings and thus stop the pursuit of the enemies even in the slums of the game.
Leech: It’s a curse that marches the enemies. Any damage they inflict on is thus to restore some of our health and that of the allies. This skill seems tailor-made for team play, especially at higher torment difficulty levels.
Rise of the Necromancer
The amplitude of the range of action and the area effect of the abilities mentioned above make the Negromante a skillful character in close combat, whose main goal is to alternate between different damage and recovery abilities. Getting away and staying away seems like the last beach to avoid death, staying at the heart of the action means being at the best not only to defeat the enemies, but also to help our allies.
Like any character, starting from the exit we will be able to start hunting for his legendary sets, so we can equip it properly, and in the ” Rise of the Necromancer ” package dedicated to him we will find several objects, more than just cosmetics, capable of make it, hopefully, even more engaging.