There are never many dinosaurs – a fan remaster Dino Crisis is also under development.

Besides fan remake Dino crisis on the engine Unreal engine 4 from a team of enthusiasts from Team arklay, another amateur franchise project is also under development – Dino crisis rebirth, which is a remaster of the PC version of the cult game 1999.

Unlike the aforementioned fan remake, the remaster Dino Crisis has every chance of coming out in a relatively short time – this year, according to approximate forecasts. According to its creator, a developer under the nickname Gemini, in the updated version, most of the rendering techniques from the original were redesigned and improved, resulting in improved performance.

Also, attention was paid to texture filtering – this aspect was improved.

In general, you should not expect any miracles from the picture. This remaster should be seen primarily as a patch for the original game, designed to expand the compatibility of the project with modern computer hardware. The remaster got support for DirectX 9.

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