Ride to Hell: Retribution

Perhaps in Eutechnyx they believed that making a mature videogame simply means intercalating violence and sex between their scenes. Or maybe they thought that by making it boring and absolutely flat you get a demanding interaction and only for adults.


If it is not because they thought so, of course that does not explain this accumulation of errors is Ride to Hell: Retribution , one of the worst motorcycle experiences that we have ever experienced in this electronic entertainment, but also one of the worst experiences foot with sequences of Quick Time Events , melee battles and shootings that are remembered in the generation.


Honestly, a disappointment for those of us who looked askance at Deep SilverHe would recover the ambientillo of satanic bikers 60 , that philosophy of life that still gives coletazos and established a series of mythical cultural values like good rock and roll , passion for the road and bands or aesthetics black suede any other form of expression.

Originally canceled and re-floated in the middle of last year, RtH: Retribution is a work that is very conscious of its very poor creation costs and the hassle times it has always handled, as well as basic playable mistakes that were never going to let it go much further. that you try to fix or make up. It is a title badly finished in the technical but worse conceived in the playable,


placed in the hands of an inexperienced team and without money to address everything they wanted, a team that overflowed ambition and could have achieved a


better product staying only in a genre of the 4 that intermingles, or revising some aesthetic patterns that, sincerely, pass an unforgivable invoice to the graphic aspect. If we add to that the bad taste with certain themes or implications,

Violence and sex, not always with sense and without finding the caricature or serious tone of the time that tries to reflect.  The setting is their only incentive, as a game is disastrous.
Violence and sex, not always with sense and without finding the caricature or serious tone of the time that tries to reflect. The setting is their only incentive, as a game is disastrous.

Sex, drugs and rock and roll

It was the motto of the time, while the conflict in Vietnam gave its latest death toll. The United States of the late 60s lived, like the rest of the globe, the hippie revolution and a new horizon that prioritized good pop and rock music to any low mood. It was the moment of the bands, the heavy metal band and the solitary bikers united to a clan willing to travel on their


Harley Davidsons and other models of the moment thousands and thousands of kilometers to meet other groups with the same name or to enjoy concentrations and concerts. It was the day to day of Jake Conway, recently arrived from the war and with a past that disturbs him and diametrically confronts other bikers of the band The Devil’s Hand .

In this historical framework, reflected in other formats such as cinema or literature, this story is endorsed, a history of insatiable quest for money selling drugs to buy weapons , a torrid environment in an abandoned western town and its surroundings, and strip clubs 


as an optional discovery. This is how it develops not too long – and luckily – adventure of missions that interweave shootings, fights, QTEs and driving large displacement motorcycles. Although it does not do any of the four things well. Just as it is not good to find a clear tone, or a perspective, with a somewhat horny start


that seems to give us a diluted and burlesque view of the world of bikers but which is followed by a seriousness that almost seeks to turn the game into a documentary for nothing caricaturesque. And the player does not know how to take it, he finds the game ridiculous whatever he does, starting with the treatment of the same drugs, sex and rock and roll.