Rhythmic headshots – the player played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on the reels

Youtuber Super louis 64 played a shooter Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on a pair of controllers in the form of reels that were released for franchise games Donkey kong on the console Gamecube. The gamer decided to check whether he can successfully play a military shooter from Activisionusing just such an unusual input tool.

For movement in the game, the surface of the left reel is used, while the right one is used to control the camera. The pause key was responsible for the shooting. Unfortunately, due to the limited functions of the game reels, the player cannot run, use the scope, reload, or even change weapons.

The funniest thing in this entire control scheme is that the drum microphone is responsible for throwing a grenade – you need to make cotton with your palms.

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