Rezrog stylized board game – the dungeon maps are scattered directly on the table, which are cubes and banks are “Coca-Cola”, and we manage the chips heroes who, like enemies, funny jumping on the cell.

It looks stylish, but specifically – about the same we saw in the Card of Dungeon . The plot is appropriate, with a touch of irony: the little amusing characters of different classes together fought off enemy hordes and then gathered at a table in the empty tavern and began to slack off tales of his exploits.

And in between they really make bold forays into the surrounding catacombs full of all sorts of creatures. But for some reason, not all together, but alone.

If someone fails, then enters the dungeon and to replace it, we choose another character who can get comrade. And so in turn. If everything will be behind bars – the end of the party, dial the new!

Directly in the catacombs of our wards are fighting, open doors, clean out the barrel with potions and racks of weapons, find books with new skills and perform a simple task that can be of different types – to kill all, save the prisoners to find three of the arms and fix it, click on all the levers.

For victories accrue experience and a new level, you can improve the basic characteristics – strength, agility, intelligence, luck, endurance. Fights then step by step, but without the frills: jump on the available cells, spending stroke points, attack, use skills or potion. Or skip the course, admitting foe closer. The main thing – to avoid the cells with traps.

One for all and all for one?

After the victory we are allowed to go directly to the next dungeon, but it is better to go back to the tavern. There you can not only sell unnecessary, buying weapons, armor, potions or instantaneous food (it will regenerate slowly), but also to repair the equipment, improve skills with the help of crystals and easy to do the management of the party.

Rezrog game review

Navigate to the location of the left and right is very difficult without the ability to move the camera.

After all, on mutual assistance and cooperation between the characters would be like and designed the concept Rezrog .

All that produces a single, available, and others. In the tavern, you can leave some things to the rest of the general box or give someone exactly the same potions that he started the game not with empty hands.

Even skills that opened one character, then another, and available. In the tavern allow equip any available abilities of any character – unless, of course, the magician needs roundhouse kick, is used only with melee weapons. That is, to take into account the specialization, of course, necessary, but the scope for experimentation is still present.

And in Rezrogthere is a local “legacy system”. Spending a special crystal and a certain amount of money, you decide what character class in the following passage (ie, the new party) will receive bonuses. The more often because it is a waste of this class, the more likely the next time he will get.

No, one for all!

However, all of this cooperative concept breaks down the fact that the entire game in one sitting, you can go one character – if the time is, of course, a lot. And it is likely to be an archer or a Summoner. Or, alternatively, paladinsha.

Some classes there is clearly stronger than the other, so that guilt and combat system. The fights most effectively hit by an arrow or magic and retreat, counting so that we have time to get there, and the enemy doprygat to us – no.

As a result, my archer quickly turned into underground storm pigs, mice, and magicians. Of course, at some point, and easy to play too ogresti in full in the next dungeon, ran into powerful enemies.

But in this case it has already completed the dungeon, where you can endlessly return for “loot” and “pumping”. Well, if you still got your best hero in prison, begin just as hard, and slowly followed the same pattern, “rock” of the other.

As a result, instead of dynamic “bagel” with an unusual system mikromendzhmenta party, mutual assistance between the partners, which would have forced us to somehow think juggle characters, skills and items depending on the situation, choose different characters for different dungeons and happily pull out of the dungeons of friends we got quite boring dungeon crawler. And it is focused essentially on the monotonous “pumping” of several initially more powerful than the other heroes.

Rezrog game review