Review of Full Throttle Remastered

If someone set out to count how many publishers and developers have earned on nostalgia for the past few years, the figure will simply mind-boggling. Gamers from all sides surrounded remakes, restarting, remastered and other “creative perepevki” hits of past years. Nostalgia effect, multiplied by modern technology (including fundraising – for example, on Kickstarter), repeatedly show that people are tired of new products and are willing to buy the second round good and eternal.

Unfortunately, when the whole story to fit the gamer a novice, he repeatedly forced to wonder why this “oldfagi” so admired Wasteland 2 and wait for its direct sequel. They do not know that for a shovel cut down design hides a multi-faceted, tight-knit product. With games like Full Throttlesituation is somewhat different. They – a recognized masterpiece diamond, lost somewhere after so many years. Again, a great (albeit a pirate) localization, mountains of memories, but … not for everyone. And in this matter.

Visual screen and today is a very cool look.  Excellent proof that not all obsolete for technology.  Counterexample - Final Fantasy VII and VIII.  Over there, yes, "plastic" persons of CG last effort on the eyes.Visual screen and today is a very cool look. Excellent proof that not all obsolete for technology. Counterexample – Final Fantasy VII and VIII. Over there, yes, “plastic” persons of CG last effort on the eyes.

Full Throttle belongs to the category of entertainment products, which many say breathlessly, paying tribute to the genius of its author, but in reality very few people saw. In those days, when the pirate stalls right and left to sell self-made translation of adventure, many more just mastered 8 bits. Numerous clones Famicom «1 in 999999999″, Italian Mario on each second assembly. No, of course, about the wonderful world of “PC gaming” a lot of people have heard. But some lucky ones even on a home computer of a distant relative of chasing demons in DOOM . But, in general, games like of Full Throttle , had mass circulation in Russia.

I remember very well how, during the broadcast of one of the shows of my colleagues heard the title theme of the project, gave something in the spirit of: “What is this ?! Continued Brutal Legend ?! ». Incidentally, a professional journalist who in the console subject understands better than many experts from Runet. Now, be honest (this is important for further discussion): you are the first time I went, or even launch of Full Throttle ? In the days of the Pentium 4 on any assembly of company Triada? Or at the very moment when this quest was relevant and fresh? I think very few exceptions, the answer will sound something like this: “Well, yes, I’m talking about it in a magazine read and then accidentally bought a disk, run.”

Today, these quests have seen unusually strong.  But the game is great.  If you have ever in the past launched something in the spirit of Full Throttle.  Addictive - instantly.Today, these quests have seen unusually strong. But the game is great. If you have ever in the past launched something in the spirit of Full Throttle.Addictive – instantly.

And that is why it is important. All this retro wave is based on one of the most irrational feelings: on the desire to touch its own past. Back at that time, when there did not have to go to work, feed their children, and then hear from the school principal or the class teacher rebukes for their child. Zip drive time to hear my mother calling from the window home to supper, and the father of the captain’s voice calls: “There is no Golden Axe 3 – AZ News want to see!”.

That is why we repeatedly and fall into this trap. Fool it is clear that the game is almost twenty years ago is outdated in many respects. Take at least not so long ago released remastered (not to be confused with the remake!) Of Final Fantasy 7 for the PS4 or kombek to Resident Evil GameCube on modern platforms.

All this starts, runs and evaluates not because of, but in spite of. Yes, the management went over slightly, but there was the archaic gameplay any better? Never. And all this is well aware. Just tired and want to back. In those days, when the lawn has not stood three dozen cars at each entrance. A maximum of three “Lada”, a “Moskvich” and a foreign car, owned by the head of the plant!

And there was no Internet. Just reading magazines and passing games all night long.

Colorful characters - our all.  Today, so few people know how to do.  Why - a paradox.Colorful characters – our all. Today, so few people know how to do. Why – a paradox.

Full Throttle Remastered in this sense can be an excellent indicator of hypocrisy. Modern adventure has long gone ahead (at least remember the magnificent the LA Noire ), and the point in click-mechanics – archaism.

Yes, great plot, great cut scenes and sparkling dialogues have not gone away, but to whom it will be interesting now, in an age when modern publishers manage to sell online grindilki disguised as militants from a third party, and journalists they podmahivat high marks? Here’s what it is.

If we consider Remastered as the modern game, the output is disappointing. “Even indie developers put more in the budget, we will not have.” And do not be a hypocrite, please: most readers only in the comments on the site will commemorate this glorious quest. But in reality, few would agree now, in April 2017, held “cactus” from the era of “antediluvian PC.”

And now we’re getting to the very sweet. Throttle Remastered of Full – it is an excellent example of the adaptation of the project from the past to modern systems. Control layout for a gamepad, no pixels at the floor screen, gorgeous visual (design of the) – all this, as well as some really interesting dialogues and wonderful situations may be a reason to buy. But only for those who really love this masterpiece from Tima Sheyfera.

In fact, I did not want to put this remaster some evaluation. Yes, we are talking about one of the most famous games of all time. Unfortunately, the truth is that no matter what the final score, it does not suit anybody. Ten do not understand those who are your introduction to the world of virtual entertainment began with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 .

Six or seven – classical fans. Semantic impasse, to circumvent that no “victims” with one of the parties does not succeed at all desire. But still I have to.