Review of Ash of Gods: Redemption

Combining tactical elements, role-playing game and visual novel The banner saga Not only helped to increase the popularity of such products on the market, but also inspired other teams to create their own projects. So the Russian developers from AurumDust copied the ideas of TBS, adding a pinch to the formula Game of thrones and elements of card games. Ash of gods: redemption released two years ago and just now got to the consoles.

In Redemption, a player takes control of three initially unrelated heroes. Each has its own story, companions and skill set. At some points, they may intersect, but then again diverge. The plot is almost entirely served by text. Although at the beginning of each chapter you can hear a small fragment in the narrator’s voice, but this is where the dubbing ends.

The plot seems simple enough: in a fantasy world, a terrible threat looms over civilization. Some reapers appear in various cities and infect residents with madness. In parallel with this, a serious struggle for power flares up, which greatly affects the fate of the main characters.

A fascinating story written by science fiction writer Sergei Malitsky brings you to characters that become family with each chapter. Complementing this is a pleasing design and overall artistic performance, which too clearly copies The Banner Saga.

Gameplay copies the game Stoic. Ash of Gods: Redemption is a non-linear visual novel that can be walked through in different ways. The player constantly chooses replicas and actions of the protagonist, which directly affects further events. Often the protagonist finds himself in a situation where you need to choose from two evils. For example, to help someone, raising the morale of the detachment, but getting complications in the future. Or go past troubles and upset the squad, but save resources and time. Some decisions have far-reaching consequences, including those that affect the fate of individual heroes. The story is built in such a way that two of the three main characters can die at almost any moment.

In addition to the plot situations leading to the loss of a character, Ash of Gods has wound mechanics. When a fighter is knocked out in battle, a skull appears under his avatar after the fight is over. Three such signs and the hero dies.