Returnal’s new trailer dedicated to creepy opponents – Igromania

Sony published a new trailer for the horror Returnal, which was dedicated to the creepy creatures of the planet Atropos.

According to the authors, when creating some monsters, they were inspired by the inhabitants of the deep sea, since this is one of the most alien life forms on Earth.

They wanted to convey a combination of their majestic features and a certain eerie aura achieved through sharp attacks and bioluminescence. For development, a special VFX tentacle technology was created. As a result, the tentacles of enemies flare up brighter before an attack and react brightly to hits.

The design of individual opponents is based on certain conceptual ideas – for example, the micromorph feeds on the corpses of the main character Selena, so next to it you can see the remains of the previous version of the character. At the same time, by the way, most of the enemies prefer to carry out attacks from a distance. And some can even interact with each other.

The most unusual in terms of attacks will be the boss opponents, from whose attacks you will have to dodge especially skillfully.

The timeline roguelike is expected to release on April 30th on PS5 only.

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