Return to Wardenfell with The Elder Scrolls Online

Meanwhile the developer ZeniMax Online – we remind you that Bethesda is only the publisher – has employed some stratagems to save his MMORPG set in the universe of The Elder Scrolls from the end that ultimately make all the games of the same genre, apart from a certain tronista and an unsuspecting Japanese competitor. The first was to remove the monthly subscription, more or less concurrently with the launch on consoles that gave the experiment greater visibility.


Later,The Elder Scrolls Online has been updated and improved on several occasions, conquering a niche of enthusiasts who may not have found the sensations experienced in the original adventures, but who may have met new friends and lived equally unforgettable experiences. At the end we are talking


about a multiplayer title, but the contradiction of The Elder Scrolls Online has always been there, an experience that struggles to find a meeting point between the original atmospheres and the slightly outrageous derivation of MMORPGs. Morrowind, the first “expansion”, focuses on nostalgia and single player experience, turning from the title to those fans who have never forgotten Vvardenfell and its inhabitants.



We said a significant detail when we wrote that we had lost sight of The Elder Scrolls Online: we approached the Morrowind expansion just as they would have liked the boys o


f ZeniMax Online, who developed it thinking about the sheep returning to the fold and to new players attracted by the brand or subtitle that recalls The Elder Scrolls III. Once the expansion is installed and the client is launched,


you can start playing Morrowind right away.While many MMORPGs require players to reach a certain level before entering the territories of expansions – it is the case of World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV, for example – The Elder Scrolls Online maintains a


diametrically opposed approach thanks to the One Tamriel system implemented some time ago. This feature essentially scales the difficulty of PvE around


the level of the player facing it, so you can undertake any mission in any area and in any order you prefer, knowing that the rewards and challenges will always be at our height. One Tamriel has benefited incredibly from the adventurous spirit of The Elder Scrolls, which in its online derivation was buried under the patina of a generic theme park MMORPG.

Return to Vvardenfell with The Elder Scrolls Online

So here we have our Morrowind adventure just starting from Seyda Neen, the marina where everything started in 2002. Obviously we started a new character, choosing the class added by the expansion the Warden: it is a hybrid character that does not particularly excels in any role


(tank, aggressor or healer) but that can still interpret them all thanks to its three branches of distinct and separate abilities.Animal Companion allows you to attack targets with animals that the Warden can summon, even if not all spells have seemed particularly effective and the final one,


Feral Guardian, suffers the long-standing problem of The Elder Scrolls Online pets: it is unreliable. Green Balance is the branch dedicated to healing spells that use nature as choreography; finally, Winter’s Embrace uses frost as a weapon and as a protection, making the Warden even more dangerous.


We had fun playing the class during the campaign: it seemed extremely versatile for the solo experience and a little less on the few occasions when we played with the others, but maybe it’s just like that because it’s about ‘in fact of a handyman class.


In terms of complexity and dynamism, however, we expected something more, but the blame is also the fighting system of The Elder Scrolls Online that has changed little and nothing compared to the past. If you had not liked it before, the Warden will certainly not change your mind.