Scary: Brazilian tattoo artist turned himself into an orc from Warcraft

The 41-year-old Brazilian made himself a modification of the lower jaw, attaching two fangs to it, as a result of which he became like an orc from the games in the series Warcraft… The operation cost the man $ 525, which is approximately 39.919 rubles.

The body of the hero of the news is 80% covered with tattoos, a bifurcation operation was performed on his tongue, and his eyeballs were filled with special paint, and this is not counting eight piercings.

According to the tattoo artist, who calls himself “Ork”, he made his first tattoo when he was only 15 years old, and the first modification – at 35. Commenting on the reaction of others to his unique appearance, the man said that they mostly react to him positively, but there are those who disapprove of modifications.

“I try to be myself, these are just my ideas, my inspirations coming from my heart,” says Orc.

Although Orc prides himself on his looks, he admits that his family and friends disapprove of his decision. For example, his mother doesn’t like what he does to his body, and his friends find the changes very strange.

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