retrofuturistic thriller Exekiller will be released on PC – Igromania

Independent Krakow studio Paradark announced her debut project. This is an action adventure Exekillercombining cyberpunk, retro-futurism and western. In it we will play the role of a bounty hunter trying to survive in a dystopic post-apocalypse.

Exekiller takes place in 1998 in New York. Twenty years ago, the Great Fire engulfed the entire earth, and only a third of humanity survived in it. Power was seized by corporations, and he began to plunge into chaos and anarchy.

Our hero will have to extract “souls” – components of the S.O.U.L.S biochip, which are produced by one of the ruling corporations. Chips collect information about their owner, and at the same time manage it, but without S.O.U.L, a person simply does not exist.

In the course of the passage, we have to make decisions over and over again that will affect the development of history. For example, we can either kill our victims or release them. In this case, you can use both weapons and gadgets, and the environment, choosing a frontal approach or stealth.

Exekiller comes out in Steam, but it is not yet known when.

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