Reservoir Dogs Bloody Days

The one of controlling the time at own will to direct the steps of a group of delinquents, the six protagonists of the great opera prima with which Quentin Tarantino became known, without which it is impossible to survive the bloody shootings in


which, Again and again, this frantic game of action and strategyimmerses us . Move forward, shoot, steal and if something goes wrong … back down !, rewind the scene to, with another character and in parallel, resolve the ballot. Something like a


cooperative game but, instead of sharing the experience with other users, it is you, and only you, who directs the action.


Have they killed Mr. Brown? In the skin of one of his comrades you will have to avoid his sad outcome by looking for the one destined to end his life. And so on; alternating the action between one and the other Gentlemen while you fulfill the objectives of the mission. “Do not retry, rewind“, says the official description of this work that promised” infinite possibil


ities “of play, and yet it is tremendously far from fulfilling it.Yes, on paper you can.Nobody prevents you from killing some cops while, with another character, You plunder the safe of a bank or, why not, exterminate dozens of enemies with the combined strength of three of these criminals, which is the maximum allowed by mission. The idea is fantastic but not the execution that is little less than disastrous for, among other reasons, its poor level design.



One walks, the rest waits

The action of Bloody Days is monotonous to rage. A cafeteria, a bank, a disco … wherever you go, the robbery always ends the same, with

dozens of police or mobs attacking you without compassion. And okay, it’s not bad to shoot them in the Hotline Miami style , but the grace ends too soon. Then you see the seams to a game system that does not work; that is chaotic, co
nfusing and, at the end, also, frustrating, because things rarely go as expected. Any plan you conceive, and it is not that you have time to think them
over, will fade more often than desired, that quickly! In a sigh, without you being able to do much to avoid the death of one of your own. I explain.


Reservoir Dogs Bloody Days analysis

There are few differences between the protagonists of the action and in the end, little game you get out of them. There are agile with guns and others better prepared to steal.

The leader of the group, voluntarily or not, is the one who marks the times of action ; When he decides, or when he or any of his allies fall in combat, the scene will be rewound and you will pass to control another character with whom, obviously, you will look for alternative routes or avoid the catastrophe always within the time frame set by your predecessor . What’s


up? A simple shot, or a distraction, can change the course of events in an irreversible way and what once made sense, such as that Mr. Rosa shot down a policeman, may not have it in the second round if Mr. White, for Say another, it attracts the atten


tion of that and many other enemies. It is the grace of the matter !, you will think some; and yes, it could be, but I guarantee you it’s not fun.


Reservoir Dogs Bloody Days PC

Their dialogues are bland, vacuous, and do not help in the least to get you into action

There is not much strategy, nor space to be imaginative, in a video game where once the shots start there is no turning back. Touch to react, move with agility through scenarios that in a matter of minutes feel extremely repetitive .

 It’s always the same, you always deal with the same problems; with that cop who throws down a door, with that bully who comes running with a bat in his hands … and does not excite or entertain. It could have been great, maybe with more options w
e would talk about a fantastic game, but the action of Bloody Days feels clumsy, confused and, I insist, frustrating when nothing goes according to plan. When you feel that there is no fluidity, that far from improving the sensations, that “cooperative for a player” becomes your worst enemy.


Reservoir Dogs Bloody Days

With a multiplayer, or with allies that knew at least defend themselves, that had a bit of artificial intelligence-the enemies also lack it-, perhaps the sensations would be others. It is true that in the end, what it is about, is to create the perfect blow; to


mark the orders and see what happens, but without great alternatives or excessive control over the action, the result is practically ominous. There are great moments, game situations that make you enjoy exciting choreography where you really see the potential behind that great idea that gives rise to this work of Big Star Games. Too bad they are mere mirages; Oasis in a


desolate sea of ​​sand where there is little profit. Not even the bet for a license as attractive as Reservoir Dogs saves from burning this video game. Basically because little or nothing has to do with that great Quentin Tarantino classic, neither in the aesthetic, nor in the tone, nor in anything at all.


Reservoir Dogs Bloody Days PC

You need money to unlock new scenarios. Are you missing dollars? Repeat one level and try to improve your score. It’s nothing funny, by the way.

The characters are there, they share names and some personality traits, but that’s it! Do not wait much longer. And it’s a problem, because in the end, you’re left with the feeling that the license has been used simply and plainly to get the attention of the public, to make itself known more quickly. Not even know where to start. The aesthetics of the scenarios, the design of characters, the staging … there is nothing in this video game that catches your attention; and if it does it is not for something positive. Technically poor, with a camera too close to the action that prevents seeing what enemies are in the area, the only thing that reminds you of the film are the liters of blood with which you will cover the battlefields. What a consolation! But it is not even in the plot the game is worth mentioning. The story is set before the events of the film and shows some of the blows perpetrated by the six Lords under the command of Joe Cabot . Seen this way, one wonders how it is possible that they arrived alive to that mythical robbery of the diamonds we saw on the big screen.


Reservoir Dogs Bloody Days