République Remastered

“Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear”

George Orwell

République, the new project of the young studio Camouflaj formed by veterans of the industry -and who have participated in games such as Metal Gear Solid 4 or Halo 4, among others-, has achieved quite an impact with its commitment to bring an entire

White Night

AAA experience to the increasingly popular touch format. And the dystopian adventure of Hope has led to the emergence of big budgets and projects renowned first in the AppStore and more recently in Google Play, with the launch of the first three chapters: Exordium , Metamorphosis and Zeros and Ones . Already in the presentation of its Kickstarter campaign


it was announced that the intention of its creators was to bring the Orwellianuniverse of République to compatible and the result has been none other than


République Remastered , a version adapted from the original title to a traditional point-and-click interface, the conversion to the new Unity 5


graphics engine and the inclusion of the first three episodes at its launch, with the remaining two still to come as in its version of smartphones and tablets. Let’s learn more about this new remastering in our analysis .

Our Orwellian adventure begins in a unique and surprising way; and is that our PC will become the hacker tool with which to help Hope, a mysterious woman held in a facility for the simple fact of spreading an intolerable message


for those who seek to retain the oppressive power of a society subject to the domain and technological control. Thus, we will receive a call to which we must answer, being République a totally immersive experiencesince its inception.


Through a “borrowed” phone, Hope will keep in touch with us while we guide her through countless corridors and rooms without being detected by the numerous guards, not without taking advantage of our hacker capabilities to make use of the Omniscient’s own surveillance system , figure in the shadow that controls and oppresses.

République Remastered (PC) screenshot

République Remastered (PC) screenshotRépublique Remastered (PC) screenshot

From this moment we will become the real Big Brother , since our job will be to jump from camera to camera to follow in Hope’s footsteps, open locked doors, hack electronic devices, look for clues to help us in such a particular flight,


Prevent nearby dangers and other accompanying tasks from a distance. All this through the scanner modethat we can activate at any time and that will highlight those objects with which we can interact in one way or another, a technological window that turns out to be a


success in a format like République. Undoubtedly, an original way of putting ourselves at the controls of an interactive experience that bases its development on a strong narrative component, beyond offering an interface with many options, yes, to some extent.

And just as with other titles with which he shares certain parallels – without going any further, the work of Quantic Dream – République is uncovered as an adventure closer to the cinema than to the classic videogame format . Of course,


David Cage’s detractors should not overlook the Camouflaj thriller, since it allows for greater interaction and the possibility of completely submerging ourselves in its oppressive universe, forming part of it through our screen. And how could it be otherwise, République


demonstrates really high production values, with a love for detail and extreme care in each and every aspect designed to make the universe of République a shocking world, far from leaving to the indifferent spectator.