Throughout this generation of consoles have tried to strain in the form of downloadable games different shooters in first person that offered similar proposals to the “major” FPS. Few, if anything, have really come together with the idea.


The last to try is Rekoil , a surprisingly bad game that leaves us many doubts open. Is it really finished? Is this title the idea of ​​video game that its developers wanted to carry out? Who gave the green light to go on sale? With all the respect in the world: It’s hard to understand what you wanted to achieve with a game like this if it is not to take your hair or spend a joke in bad taste.

Analyzing Rekoil has become one of the rarest experiences that a server remembers in recent years. And is that the game is not where to take it.

The best of the experiences with Rekoil came during the afternoon in which we wanted to release it. There was no one in the online, and therefore as an online multiplayer that is, it was impossible to play. We were waiting for almost an hour in theaters


and only one or two users would come in who tired before us of waiting and ended up marching. Yes, it was better not to be able to play the game than to enter combat in the games that we were able to do at night, where there was more traffic in the online.

Graphically, nothing great.  Although the sound is even worse.
Graphically, nothing great. Although the sound is even worse.

Once we can start a game, we realize that something of interest can awaken Rekoil. Idea that we will discard a few minutes later. We have seven game modes that respond to the classics all against all, team duel, battles to collect suitcases, domination or an original called rekondito in which a player can hide and become invisible while others seek it. Most times we will


end up playing all against all or team duel, since the system of games goes by votes and if we believe that we can create a personalized game and wait for dozens of players to come to enjoy it, we are clear. In addition, there are more than ten mapsto choose and we have six character classes divided by weapons (assault, shotguns, snipers, submachine guns, bazookas , heavy weapons) with various weapons for each style.

Here ends the benefits of Rekoil, a game that only stands out in the contents presented on paper. In combat, the thing is very different. After several sessions with the title I have not gotten it right if the game is really slow in rhythm and movements or is a lag thing. We tried other shootersthat did work well, so it did not look like our connection problem.


The feeling is that everything moves abruptly, without fluency. Neither is that due to the sensitivity of the movement, since in the control of the character is still lacking precision in our movements. Something that happens the same at the time of aiming, shooting and hitting … many times we will believe that we are very bad because we are not successful in giving our enemy and suddenly he will appear dead. We will be convinced that we did not give him, but it does not matter.

Few battles offer intensity and fun, especially due to technical problems.
Few battles offer intensity and fun, especially due to technical problems.

Few minutes are enough to see that Rekoil is missing many things. The control is crude, and that’s lethal in the gunplay. If we add that the lag is present, the thing is even more complicated not to mention the moments when the game hangs and throws you out of the game. In addition, the weapons system is totally broken and unbalanced. Shotguns that kill from more than generous distances, fast movements with knives that are lethal on somewhat smaller maps, a class of bazookas that would be more devastating if the title presented precise control … few beta testers


They have had Rekoil in their hands to indicate things that could be improved. On the maps, despite having a dozen too many are generic and limited.


A single level of action, more or less open areas, some closed spaces in the form of turns and small buildings half destroyed and nothing else. It changes the design , but in the playable they do not contribute anything that differentiates them. To be fair, there are also three or four who are saved by offering battles in the open field with more possibilities and areas of close combat.