Reissues of DOOM and DOOM II received an update with support for add-ons and 60 FPS, both games are now available on PC

Company Bethesda softworks announced the release of reprints Doom and Doom ii on personal computers. Updated versions of classic studio shooters id Software debuted on current consoles last summer, and now everyone can join them also on a PC through a company launcher

In addition, a major update was released, adding the following innovations to all platforms:

  • Ability to set frame rate 60 FPS instead of 35 FPS, as in the original releases;
  • Support from the main menu of developers-approved add-ons, including megavad Sigil John Romero. The list will expand;

  • Function of quick saving and loading at the touch of a button R/R1/RB and L/L1/Lb respectively;
  • Quick weapon selection – now you can use the crosspiece to quickly switch between weapons;
  • Weapon carousel – you no longer need to switch to each weapon to get to the right one;
  • Ability to adjust aspect ratio and screen brightness;
  • Option to quickly select a game level;
  • New minimized interface when playing on split-screen;
  • Performance optimization and elimination of known errors;

A complete list of all changes can be found. here.

On the spring of March 20th, simultaneously with the release DOOM: Eternal, an updated version will go on sale Doom 64 for Nintendo switch, Xbox one, Playstation 4 and PC.

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