Refund: how to get money back for games on different platforms

Probably, everyone has at least once come across the fact that there was something wrong with an honestly purchased game. Doesn’t work, was bought by mistake, didn’t like it – the list goes on for a long time. In such cases, you want to return the money spent on the games back and forget about the wasted time. decided to collect recommendations for refund design at all major sites in one place – from consoles to various stores on PCs. Physical copies of games were also touched upon separately.



How to refund on Steam

Steam refund menu

Steam refund menu

One of the simplest return processes is on the Steam platform. To return the game, all you need to do is play it for less than two hours and apply for a refund no later than two weeks after purchase in the case of already released titles and at any time before release in case of pre-orders. This applies to games and software. With DLC, the story is similar, but it’s important not to spend more than two hours in the original game. It’s a little more complicated with sets of goods: in them no more than two hours should be spent in total in all purchased games.

Refunds are made through just log into your account, go to the “Purchases” section and select the one you need, then click “I want to request a refund.” The game will be removed from the account, and the money will be transferred either to the card from which the purchase was made, or to the Steam wallet, if for some reason it is not possible to return the funds to the payment method used. Please note: refunds can take up to a week.

How to make a refund in Epic Games Store

EGS can request a refund for any item that is not marked non-refundable. The rules are the same as on Steam: no more than two hours must be played, and no more than two weeks must pass from the date of purchase. The story is the same with pre-orders: a refund is possible at any time before the release and within two weeks after it, provided that no more than two hours have been spent in the game.

To request a refund, in most cases, just go to the site, go to your account and select the “Transactions” tab. Having selected the desired game in the list, the user can request a refund using a special button. Refunds will be made to the account from which the money was withdrawn upon purchase. If this is not possible, Epic Games will contact you to select an alternative return method.

How to make a refund in GOG

The platform, known for its democratic character, is simpler than the rest of the refunds. From the moment of purchase, no more than a month should pass, and the title can be downloaded and launched. Nothing is said about the time limit, but the owners of the site promise to deal with all individual situations and not allow abuse by buyers.

The process is largely familiar: we log in to the site, go to purchase history and select the one you are interested in, then click “Ask for a refund”. Separately, the authors note that in case of technical problems with the title, it is worth contacting GOG support, and not trying to immediately return the funds: in many cases the problems can be fixed, and if not, the refund is still available.

How to make a refund in Origin

Origin proudly proclaims the quality of its games

Origin proudly proclaims the quality of its games

EA is committed to in-store refunds for in-house titles and games from our Great Game Guarantee partners. It sounds loud, but in reality, the usual conditions operate with a slight twist. If the game is bought, launched within 24 hours and for some reason did not like it, you have the right to a refund. If the game is bought and did not start, but you want to return it, you have two weeks for that. With pre-orders, the principle is the same: at any time before the release or within 14 days after it (but without starting the game). There is an interesting nuance: if a purchased new game does not work, 72 hours are given to return it instead of 24.

To return, go to the site under your username and go to refund link… There are those of the games for which you can request a refund. The money will be returned to the account from which the purchase was made. If this is not possible, EA asks to contact her via feedback form

How to make a refund in Uplay

Ubisoft is ready to provide refunds in its store only for products that have passed no more than two weeks from the purchase, and only if they have not been launched. With pre-orders, the story is a little more interesting: you can only cancel before the goods are received on your account. The principle is standard: go to your account on the Ubisoft website, go to purchase history and opposite the desired game, select “Ask for a refund”.

How to refund to Xbox

Microsoft is ready to return funds for games that have passed no more than 14 days from the date of purchase. Moreover, each individual case is considered separately, and the company makes a decision based on many factors. The website states that digital game purchases are considered final, but refunds are still possible for “good reasons.”

To open a refund request, you must sign in to your Xbox account and go to the “Request a refund for your Xbox purchase“. Games for which you can request a refund will appear on the page, and if suddenly the required title is not in the list, Microsoft tells in detail how to be on corresponding page

How to refund to Playstation

The official site confuses users a lot, flipping between two pages with backlinking to each other

Sony is ready to return funds for games within 14 days, provided that the user has not installed the title on his console. Cancellation of pre-orders is also possible, but with an interesting feature: the refund is available only until the moment of release or within 14 days from the date of purchase for cases if the game was released during this period. For example, if you bought a game a week before the release, then you can return the funds within a week after its release.

For refunds, Sony has a separate page with a special bot that helps with refunds. Alas, it is available only in English, Russian-speaking users can only write to support at [email protected] or call the hotline (8 800 200-76-67). It is worth keeping a letter with the order number at hand.

How to refund to Nintendo

The Japanese company is famous for its specific attitude towards customers. It also stood out here: while all other platforms allow refunds on certain terms, Nintendo does not separate page reports that the company simply does not have any refunds. Additionally, she suggests installing parental controls on the console so that kids don’t make accidental purchases and be smart about spending in general.

Returning physical copies of games

While gamers are increasingly turning to digital titles, it would be wrong to ignore discs. Alas, with the return of physical publications, problems most often arise. In most cases, a return is possible within a week from the date of purchase in the absence of traces of use – that is, the original packaging should not be damaged. Most retailers reserve the right to refuse refunds in the event of damage to one-time factory packaging, which is often reported on company websites.

The second reason for a return can be a marriage: if the game does not work, then within two weeks you can contact the place of purchase. Most likely, we will not talk about a refund, but about the replacement of goods with a similar one.