Redout review

34BigThings srl is a young Italian company specialized in video games, and in itself this is news, considering that, apart from the Ubisoft Studios and the everlasting Milestone, in our country the software houses dedicated to the home entertainment sector are they count on the fingers of one hand. red out game is their second project: the first was Hyperdrive Massacre, an old school driving game released a year ago on Steam and Marketplace with good critical acclaim.

Redout release date

Release Date: August 29, 2017
E for Everyone: No Descriptors, Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB
Genre: Racing
Publisher: 34BigThings
Developer: 34BigThings

With Redout the guys stationed in Turin raise the bar: quoting their site on the same text is a tribute to the various WipeOut, F-Zero, POD and Rollcage, real cornerstones of a particular derivation of driving games.We are talking about racing at supersonic speed on super-futuristic tracks, a category already of little exploited but that on Windows territory has even less exponents: the saga of Nintendo, of course, there has never landed, while that of Psygnosis has stopped to the timeless episode 2097 and its stratospheric soundtrack. But we also like to remember Star Wars: Episode I – Racer, another excellent example by LucasArts. However, the time has come to test the potential of this awaited racer, honored among others by Epic as one of the best indie games of 2014.

Memories run fast to Screamer: redout pc has the credentials for international success


The offer is complete: there are in fact ten game modes that can be tackled. It starts from solitary tests, with or without the presence of accelerators on the track, where the enemy is the clock, passing through the elimination tests, where there are traps and the aircraft’s respawn is disabled.


When other opponents descend on the track there are six types of challenges: from traditional ones to others where the last of each lap is gradually eliminated, passing through survival tests where the imported, rather than arriving first, is getting healthy and save, to conclude with a sort of real marathon where five circuits are connected to each other.

Italian Style

You can face freely, choosing circuit, number of laps and participants (up to a maximum of twelve), or in a sequential manner by measuring yourself with the interesting career, consisting of over seventy stages. In this case we start with a basic spaceship, selecting it between seven teams: each differs from the others for the energy reserve and the boost speed of the boost, for acceleration and maximum speed, for resistance and grip.


In the first races you become familiar with the game structure; progressing with the results yes things get complicated while in the meantime experience and bank account increase.

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In redout game the first is used to unlock new tracks and classes of spaceships (four in total); green bills are used for power-ups. Two can be installed, choosing between a list of twelve: the active one, requiring user intervention, has limited effects over time; the opposite permanently modifies the ship’s statistics. In this case, we note the skill of the programmers in studying types of games that can enhance one or other enhancement, avoiding that the choice always falls on discounted increases in grip and acceleration.

Once on the track the feeling of speed is total. The guys at 34BigThings claim that Redoute is the fastest title ever created: although we can not guarantee it scientifically, we feel we are marrying their affirmation. The frame rate is very high and, as my overseas colleagues would say, “rock solid”, already with the first models of spaceship, those that allow you to arrive at about 1000 km / h.