His name was Basil, profession – fighting monk, and he knew two things: meditate and kill people.All imaginable and unimaginable ways.

And by the way, today the hours of meditation Basil came to an end.

Redeemer – the game is so “masculine” genre that women there is not even on the tenth roles. Like a hero Kratos seemed to come down to the frame of the militants’ 90s, when the good with his fists, as well as martial arts and trunks at the ready to solve all problems.

Basil brutal, silent and extremely deadly. He did not hesitate to take any weapons, firearms or cold, but ready to tear enemies apart and bare hands. Casually turning their necks, breaking the next opponent spine knee or carrying it on a series of similar brutality of Mortal Kombat punches.

When in the hands of our hero turns out to be an ax or a shotgun to take out the bodies of the cars have to, but with a machete, he is ready to make a free remake of the same movie.

However, at the worst it will fit and to eradicate the walls of the shell. Or acute bitches

Redeemer – the game is so “masculine” genre that women there is not even on the tenth roles.

And let it all animated celebration of masculinity on AAA-shnym standards is rather poor – to make the game studio has Sobaka five people – but “with soul.”

Basil is a barrage of punches from the opponent makes a sieve, then snatches someone Adam’s apple, but it is excessive violence shown brutal, not sadistic and disgust, as opposed to the late God of War, does not matter.

Hero of revenge, and revenge it, as usual, is terrible. And the plot, supplied in the form of too seemed to be drawn to the restructuring of comics, makes sure that people’s path, in which Basil for the violence come hordes of mercenaries, mutants and cyborgs, not heal before the final credits.

Try to dodge!

Despite emphasize the “old school” game is no stranger to fashion trends. Basil limited regenerates health at impact as it induced little to the opponents, and drove the enemy into a corner, it will automatically start to beat him on the wall.

There are also reducing the life of the hero spectacular “fatality”, performed at the half-dead enemies (hello, DOOM ), and borrowed from the series Arkham counterattack prozhimat that need when the enemy before the attack momentarily turns red.

Overall Redeemer quite “hardcore”, to create the impression of a harsh old regime games (even the easy level of difficulty in the choice not available), but does not appear in this fossil.

A combat system, though drawn in broad strokes, and is devoid of brevity Furi or depth Bayonetta In itself is quite viable, albeit a bit awkward (especially in terms of the already mentioned avtonavodki).

Redeemer quite “hardcore” in order to create an impression of the old regime of the game, but did not appear at the same fossils.

And although a lot of the game mechanics, especially for such nezamudrennogo genre as brawler: here and unarmed combat, and shooting, and constantly needs edged weapons replacement.

Even though simple, but very functional with the ability to stealth “podsokratit” a couple of other enemies from behind.

But all these features, firstly fed successively downstream “seamlessly” embedded in the first level of the tutorial. And secondly, gathered together so that the Redeemer does not lose focus and dynamics.

Game along the way as it turns to you the different parties, and always clear which of the abilities of the hero to use. And if in some Hotline Miami to start planning the massacre in advance.

What’s it worth to kill the enemy quickly, his friend shot sluggish selected him as the barrel, then ran to the cries of the third implant to bloodthirsty sticking out of the wall hook, and the last of the four – to introduce the chosen pair of back rooms saber.

A typical day at the office.

Unfortunately its peak reaches the Redeemer in the first third. It was there, on compact levels, with many small rooms and otnorkov, among the weak, but diverse-equipped mercenary arms – all of its features are shown in full, stealth works and fights are added dynamically and unpredictably.

Unfortunately its peak reaches the Redeemer in the first third.

But the second part, where the game mimics the horror movies category «B», where the tires before the end. Levels swell and tightened, and came to replace the mercenaries mutants are pretty boring enemies forever norovyaschie crowd crush. The murder of one of them from behind a little of everything affects and is replaced by a rapid and premeditated clashes come much more monotonous rhythm: gone forward a little, wait for the activation trigger another batch of milled “unexpectedly” popped monstryatinu, and so on to victory. Besides becoming more shooting, and Redeemer of interesting unarmed insurgent degenerates into a rather primitive shooter with inconvenient management trunks in style – take machine had shot cartridges, went back where lying is the same, but loaded (alas, take the ammo you can not advance only with weapons).

As soon as the fore powerful enemies, the gameplay is more noticeable stalling. Good mini-boss should have a variety of attacks to test the knowledge and response. Then fight with him takes place more interesting than ordinary opponent, and victory requires non-obvious tactics and shows the player that he has learned something and become stronger. Redeemer also relies on “fat” nerds, all of which challenge is to repeat the obvious in advance of action and not die of boredom while. Here samurai flamethrower, it can ignite or ignite, and until he makes the last boss should be to scratch and run off. Roughly also conquered and spitting acid “fat” and ramming you clumsy giant, and even some real (without the prefix “mini”), the bosses of the game. Dodge – now it is possible to scratch them. Fiddle – and now you need to dodge. Bosses immobilized progress, they want to “miss”, but such a stealth enemy does not take, and sometimes useless and firearms. Why? Well, because the armor!

If you do not want to the top level, there is better not to die.

The final part, where the horror flick of the game turns into a fantasy thriller, the authors succeeded better than the middle. But still stretched levels of boring linear design, forcing to replay the last ten minutes of the checkpoints, immune to stealth, and sometimes too “thick” and while many enemies and do not give rise to the Redeemer quality trims its first third. By the end of 6-8 hours of passage he was tiring.

In addition to the play of technically far everything is going well, I tried giving two weeks ago, beta, since the Redeemer updated several times. But even a day before the release, it is still podglyuchivaet: that any enemy rather than climb on Basil, will fall into a stupor. That somehow on some levels include a limit of 30 fps. I suppose, the release version is still “raw.”