“Rather, finish and get drunk”: NieR author: Automata Yoko Taro talks about his work on SINoALICE

Screenwriter Yoko tarofamiliar to millions of gamers through their work on the series Drakengard and Nierworking on several projects. One of them is a game. Sinoalicewhose global launch took place just a couple of days ago.

On this occasion, the portal Siliconera interviewed Taro and asked the developer to tell about the most interesting moments of his creative life. Below we have written for you the most interesting parts of the interview.

Siliconera: Sinoalice offers a unique look at traditional fairy tales filed through gloomy plots. The main characters have to kill a lot in the hope of resurrecting the authors who gave birth to them. Why did you choose such a narrative theme as an idea for your game?

Yoko Taro: Recently, I have been responding to a huge number of interviews and emails, so you personally asked me 77 questions. Before that, many were wondering why the game about fairy tales … it bothered me a little. Therefore, I will try to simplify the answer as much as possible – I want to earn a lot of money.

Siliconera: Which heroes did you like to create the most?

Yoko Taro: Since this is about my work, I did not get any pleasure from it at all. I feel like a laborer swarming in the mud. I’m printing the text and I think to myself – it’s all faster ended so that you can go and get drunk, it’ll be great.

Siliconera: You said that mobile gacha projects in order to bring more money, you must definitely add more heroines, do not hesitate to show their bodies. But in Sinoalice one of the characters Dorothy, has an alternative image, which is a diving suit, where it is difficult to see only part of her face. Why did you decide to dwell on such a design?

Yoko Taro: Mobile game developers explain to me that swimming suits make money. So we decided to draw a beach outfit for Dorothy. But this did not affect sales well. Then they tried to explain to me what to do was not a spacesuit, but an open swimsuit. Then we redid everything and created another image for her – a minstrel dressed as a bear. Only sales figures did not go up again. How after this you can generally trust these developers?

Siliconera: And did the whole situation affect you?

Yoko Taro: This year I turned 50 years old. I’m an old man now – I’m not afraid of anything. People only look at me from afar, like a hopeless grandfather.

Siliconera: It is known that when you start writing a script, you prefer to do it while intoxicated, especially when it comes to emotional scenes and episodes. How much did you drink when creating Sinoalice? And what drink did you decide to stop at?

Yoko Taro: I drank beer, white wine and mixed whiskey with soda. Many do not believe me when I explain that I buy the cheapest alcohol in stores. Because when I’m drunk, I can’t even distinguish taste.

Now Sinoalice available to anyone on digital platforms App store and Google play.

As for the next big project, Yoko Taro, it promises to be a full rethinking of the original game Nier Replicant ver. 1.22474487139 …

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